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Impacts of COVID-19 on the HVAC Industry


Effects of COVID on HVAC Parts


Every industry has felt the effects of the coronavirus, and the HVAC industry in particular has been faced with some unique challenges.  Without the right supplier to obtain your replacement parts and equipment, the ability to repair or replace your HVAC needs quickly and affordable has become very difficult.

Property management companies and HVAC companies know that fast service is the name of the game for their tenants and customers. But it’s also crucial to protect your bottom line.  By accessing Surplus City Liquidators seven warehouses full of quality equipment and parts at rock bottom pricing you are able to deliver both.


HVAC Supply Chain Disruption

No one should be too surprised to learn that some HVAC parts may become harder to find because certain manufacturing plants have shut down. Even as they begin to open their doors again, we might notice that HVAC manufacturers are reducing workflow to respond to social distancing. If you don’t know where to look to find heating and cooling supplies, these types of disruptions to the supply chain can lead to some real setbacks with your own work.


Repair vs Replace HVAC Equipment

As consumers we always want to know we are getting the best deal but that can be difficult if you are not familiar with the HVAC industry.  Repairing equipment instead of replacing is sometimes a way to save money however in some instances you are better off spending a little more to get a brand new unit. If the repair bill approaches the $500 mark you should consider replacing and if you are not sure, call us, let us help. We are non-commission sales and are here to assist you in finding the most cost effective way to get your system going.


Building Trust with Better Service

The other shift we’re noticing is a general sense of unease with consumers. Many of us have seen this just shopping at the grocery store. But it can become even more complex for the HVAC industry. The need for open and honest communication is needed more than ever before. As many homeowners may feel weary of having a HVAC technician coming into their home to work, the contractor may be nervous as well. So by letting your customers know that you are employing the latest safety/health standards and well as using PPE will help build trust and ensure future business. Promoting maintenance for air conditioners before the big heat waves hit can help make sure existing systems are working correctly. Avoiding costly repairs or replacements is sure to be top of mind this year.


Check with Surplus City First

In order to stay competitive within this changing landscape, HVAC companies and property managers will need to have a reliable source for their replacement parts. What’s more, they’ll need to have good pricing. That’s how we can help you shine.


Surplus City is proud to help HVAC technicians continue to do their essential work, and our bargain prices can work to protect your own company’s margins. Then you can pass some of those savings on to your customers. We understand that money is tight. When you buy from us, you can get those brand name and new parts at reduced prices. Check our inventory first for bargain pricing—and keep more money in your pocket! 

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5 Reasons to Call Us First for HVAC Parts


Plenty of companies like to refer to themselves as a “one stop shop,” but at Surplus City Liquidators, we really take that to heart. Our customers know to call us first when they need replacement HVAC parts, as well as brand new equipment.


5 Benefits of Working with Surplus City


We’re proud to be the go-to supplier for HVAC companies of all sizes. Our goal is to help protect your bottom line. So after you’ve reviewing a quote from your equipment manufacturer—recovered from that price shock—sit down and pick up the phone to call Surplus City. There’s a good chance we have that exact part in stock, or at least an equivalent. That’s why it pays to call our team first!


1. Affordable HVAC Parts


For us, affordability is the name of the game. We’ve built our reputation on having quality, cost-effective HVAC equipment. We talk a lot about bargain prices, but our customers also come to us for more than that. Our knowledgeable staff will help you navigate through multiple warehouses of our inventory. Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial system new or existing equipment, we can help.  We get great deals, and then we pass the savings on to you.


2. Find Compatible Equipment


If you’re on the hunt for an older or even obsolete HVAC part, we’re the ones to call first. Replacing an entire unit may not be necessary if you can find that one, special part. With over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have lots of “hidden gems” for HVAC technicians and contractors. We love helping our customers save money by getting those rare parts. Then they can be the hero to keep those older systems running for longer.


3. Available Immediately


We keep our inventory up-to-date so you know what’s available right away. Whether you’re browsing our HVAC parts and equipment online or you want to check out our items in-person at the showroom, let’s help you get the job as soon as possible. Our local customers can often swing by our site same-day, and it’s also easy for us to get items shipped quickly and affordably from our strategic Central Indiana location.


4. Options to Repair or Replace


Our customers call us for both replacement parts and whole unit replacements. We have new and unused HVAC equipment on every scale, from the small, miscellaneous parts to massive commercial HVAC units. No matter what you need, we’ll be happy to take your call and see what we have on-hand for you.


5. Helpful Customer Service


You’ve got questions, and we have answers. Over the years, we’ve carefully built our team to provide the quality service you need to feel good about your purchase. We are always happy to talk with you about our available inventory. We can even help you compare parts to make sure you get what you need to get your equipment fixed—and keep it running efficiently for as long as possible.


When you call Surplus City first you can help ensure that you aren’t overpaying for your HVAC equipment. Checking our inventory online or giving our team a call can give you the information you need to move forward with a cost-effective solution for the job. Send us a message or call us toll-free at 1-800-428-4339 to see if we can ship your part—or swing by our wholesale showroom to grab what you need. We’re ready to help.

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