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Save Money on HVAC Projects—and Be Your Customer’s Hero


Everyone loves a good deal. But when you’re in charge of a major repair job, you never want to sacrifice quality just because of a price tag. That’s why general contractors and HVAC technicians call us first. When you buy from Surplus City Liquidators, you get new and brand-name equipment that fits right in with your project’s bottom-line.

Cost-Effective HVAC Equipment

Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and wholesalers. We stock HVAC equipment for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes. And our inventory is priced-to-sell. That’s why we’re the one-stop shop for HVAC professionals. They know they can get a fair price on all of the brand-names they trust, as well as those hard-to-find parts for older units.

When you can keep costs low on the parts, then you’re in better position to boost your profits. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice money on your labor just to make up for over-priced equipment. Doing right by your company—and your customers—starts with having a reliable source for all of your HVAC parts and equipment needs.


Be the Hero, Get Savings for Everyone

There are a lot of factors in play for staying competitive in today’s market. Customer service obviously goes a long way. But people are still wanting to get a good price on their HVAC repairs and new equipment. Calling on our team at Surplus City is a win-win because it streamlines the entire HVAC installation and repair process. You need to protect your own margins in order to get your bid noticed. By saving money on your HVAC parts and equipment, you’ll be able to help everyone.

Get your hands on the parts your need, and both you and your customers can benefit. With a lower bid and high-quality products, you can start saving your customers a good chunk of money compared to the rest of the quotes on the table. When you provide quality work at a reasonable rate, word is sure to spread.

Being the hero for your customers means getting the job done right at a reasonable rate. If you could save your customer thousands of dollars by repairing their HVAC unit instead of replacing it altogether, that would probably make them loyal to you and your company for life. Let us help you get there.


Ready for Great HVAC Deals?

Whether you’re in need of some more obsolete parts or you need a newer, more efficient system to get your customer’s property in good working order, please call us first. Our massive inventory is stored across seven large warehouses, and we make it a point to price equipment and parts well-below what the dealers are asking.

Plus, when you source your equipment from us, you can avoid paying for extra facility maintenance or storage fees. Buy what you need for your current project, and then check-in with us next week for anything else that’s missing.

Our strategic Indianapolis location makes it easy for us to ship HVAC equipment and parts all across the country. Customers that are here in town can always swing by our showroom too. Find what you need online, then give us a call at (765) 482-7000 to ask about what else we have in stock. We’re here to help you be the hero for all of your projects, both large and small!

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HVAC Supplies for Home Warranty Companies


One of the best ways for home insurance companies to improve their margins is to get better HVAC parts at better prices. When your installers are locked-in at specific rates, you need to make sure your own costs are on-track for HVAC repairs. Address the problem at the source with affordable HVAC parts and equipment!


HVAC Supplies for Home Warranty Companies

The home insurance industry helps safeguard what’s often the biggest investment any individual or family will make. Should they have any issues pop up with their HVAC equipment, your company is going to be there to make things right. But you also have to run the numbers. If your HVAC installers don’t have the necessary parts—or if those parts are incredibly over-priced—then you’re bound to hit some roadblocks.


Surplus City Liquidators helps home warranty companies save the day with high-quality HVAC equipment and repair parts:

·      Affordable Prices to Protect Your Margins 

·      New and Brand-Name Equipment

·      Even Older / Rare HVAC Repair Parts

·      Massive Inventory with Local Showroom

·      Great Service and Fast Shipping 

Your homeowners’ HVAC repairs need to be handled quickly and efficiently. That’s how we can help. Our extensive online database makes it easy for both HVAC technicians and home warranty companies to review our available inventory. We even have customer service reps in our showrooms to answer questions for in-person order pickups.

Surplus City has seven large warehouses full of HVAC equipment and new parts. If you are finding that your needed items aren’t in stock elsewhere, then our team can talk through different options with you. We can even suggest compatible parts to help fill your orders! We keep the ordering process simple to ensure you get everything you need.


Streamlined Repairs for More Lender Referrals

An organized process helps promote everyone’s best interests. Your homeowners need their HVAC repairs managed fast, and our team will help your technicians can get the job done right with high-quality parts. What’s more, our HVAC inventory makes those repairs more cost-efficient. And that’s a win-win all around.

Mortgage lenders need to refer their clients to an affordable insurance provider. Surplus City Liquidators works to keep your HVAC expenses low—and protect your bottom-line.

Having a smooth process for securing your HVAC repair parts helps safeguard the business connections your company needs to continue to grow. Plus, it’s easy to start passing more savings on to your clients with your own margins under control. That way, you’ll be in a more strategic position to build new partnerships with other mortgage lenders in your service areas.


Protect Your Profit Margins with Surplus City!

At Surplus City, we strive to be the one-stop shop for all of your HVAC equipment. Every company needs to operate within a set budget, and that’s especially true for home insurance providers. Fortunately, you can increase your profits with Surplus City’s low prices.

A more streamlined repair process also helps boost your customer service reviews for even more lender referrals. If your company is ready to grow, then it’s time to make the switch and stock your HVAC equipment through our massive inventory. We love helping home insurance companies and home warranty providers get the HVAC parts they need without having to pay that high price tag.

We have both brand-name and more obscure HVAC parts for you and your installers. Let’s help you find the equipment you need most, and save money along the way! Send us a message to start the conversation, or give us a call toll-free at (800) 428-4339 to learn more.

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