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Customer Case Study: Slim House Preservation in Alabama


Watching your margins is a top concern for any small business—but especially for those working with expensive HVAC equipment. In order to stay competitive, the owner of Slim House Preservation LLC, Mussa Nkinda, knew he needed a better option for sourcing the items he needed for repairs and new system installations.

Fortunately, he found Surplus City Liquidators. And by running the numbers for his time and shipping, Mussa was able to figure out a way to save even more money. Now, he’s in a better position to protect his bottom line. He keeps his customers happy, and that in turn leads to more profits and more business from their referrals. Checking with Surplus City first has become a win-win for everyone!


About Slim House Preservation

As a small business owner based in Alabama, Mussa keeps busy all year long. With his company Slim House Preservation, he’s working on an average of 5 to 6 new projects at any given time and works hard to get each house in order. From redoing the flooring and roofing, to installing new HVAC systems and making other repairs, Mussa is a truly skilled contractor and business professional. He also services HVAC systems for clients around town, including residential properties and even gas stations and convenience stores. On top of that, managing 20 to 25 rental properties also takes up a lot of his time.

In order to keep his profits on track, Mussa pays close attention to his expenses. But as anyone in the HVAC industry knows, the cost of maintaining multiple heating and cooling systems can go up fast. Getting these products for as cheap as possible—without compromising on quality—is crucial for his success.

“Most of the time, it’s a price issue,” says Mussa. He explains that that he doesn’t have as much capital as other, larger companies, so growing his business “depends on saving every dollar.”

The fact that most of his HVAC projects require an entire system replacement makes this focus on cost even more important. “It’s very infrequent that it’s just a part that broke down,” says Mussa. And when it comes to new systems, he needs to get them fast. Being able to save a significant amount of money on these full units is how he’s been able to gain more customers year over year. The secret? He’s made Surplus City his go-to supplier.


Benefits of Checking with Surplus City First

Since 2017, Mussa has been contacting Surplus City to find great HVAC equipment at low prices. These days, he says he’s able to compete with “the big guys” because his competitors think he has “very deep pockets.”

For example, while another company might quote customers $6K for a project, Mussa can come in and confidently say he can finish the job for $4K. Plus, he’s able to reassure his customers that he won’t keep them waiting. Since he’s able to source HVAC products more quickly than his competition, customers don’t have to wait around for days, a week, or more.

Browsing the Surplus City stock gives Mussa a unique edge. The fact that he’s built a relationship with the service members in the warehouses makes finding the parts he needs even easier.

“The team is friendly and knowledgeable,” says Mussa. “They’re very familiar with the inventory, and can tell me very quickly, ‘We have a truck coming in—give me at least an hour or two and I can find out if the item is here.” Making a quick call when he can’t find what he needs online helps ensure he’s keeping his costs as low as possible. Sometimes he’ll even stock up on specific parts or HVAC units in advance because he knows a lot of his customers will be interested in them down the road.


HVAC Equipment Orders: Delivery vs Pick-up

Occasionally Mussa will buy his parts and HVAC equipment direct from a wholesaler online. But since he’s motivated to meet his customers’ needs ASAP, dealing with Surplus City first tends to be his best option. Right now he has a large pickup truck and a trailer. Rather than wait for a delivery to come to him, he’s decided to pick up most of the items on his list himself.

“I’m a business man. Whenever other companies have problems, they might buy online,” says Mussa. “But for me, if I have nothing else to do, I can drive 16 hours.”

Mussa is usually able to predict trends with his customers, which helps protect his margins. One order might mean getting 4 HVAC systems in the pipeline because he knows he’ll need them on-hand sooner than later. Lately, he’s been selling a lot of heat pumps. Being in the south, a lot of people are moving to heat pumps because they save money and have a lower investment with the install.

Shipping costs can be expensive. Plus, the timelines aren’t always ideal. That’s why Mussa has decided to personally make the trip. He’ll browse the Surplus City inventory in the evening, and then confirm his order with the team in the morning. If he has a day or two free, then he can leave at night to drive up to Indianapolis and be back to his place in Alabama by 3 pm.

While this routine won’t work for everyone, it’s allowed Mussa to really maximize the savings he gets with Surplus City—all while boosting customer satisfaction. Delivering a tight turnaround for their most pressing projects is always appreciated.


Boosting Profits with Happy Customers

Mussa has been able to grow his company because he consistently proves to his customers that he’s able to get them what they need with quality equipment, low prices, and speedy service. 

“The competition is very high to stay in business,” he says. Knowing how to retain customers is key. “If you help them today, you know that you’re going to get all the other business after that. And when you deal with one customer, it could lead to 5 after that.”

Getting his HVAC compressors, coils, and other parts or whole units cheaper allows him to save money. And giving his customers the benefit of replacing parts that are 10 years old before installing a brand-new system works to gain his customers’ trust and confidence. Establishing a partnership with Surplus City has played a big role in that success and continues to help keep his company well-funded for future growth.


Surplus City’s staff is always happy to speak with new customers. Have inventory questions? Need help finding a part or piece of equipment that isn’t currently in-stock? There’s a good chance the team will be able to identify an alternative! Please call to learn more: (800) 428-4339 so you can get your work done on-time and on- or under-budget!

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How Did COVID Affect the HVAC Industry?


With the outbreak of the coronavirus, companies and individuals across just about every sector have learned the value of being able to adapt. Many small business owners have had to get creative in order to continue their operations amidst the new safety regulations and disruptions within their supply chains. For the HVAC industry, in particular, that means having equipment available for your client base.


The Impacts of COVID-19 on the HVAC Industry

All things considered; the HVAC industry has been able to withstand a lot of the hardships that have resulted from the spread of COVID-19. Commercial sites and families still needed cool air for the summer. And now that winter is around the corner, most people won’t hesitate to call their local HVAC company if their furnace goes out. HVAC technicians know they’re in a reliable line of work. But there’s still a need to stay competitive.

Keeping your own costs low helps protect your reputation with your clients. No one wants to overpay for their new HVAC equipment. In order to keep those margins in check, though, you need to make sure you’re buying your HVAC and equipment at the right price. Unfortunately, the COVID shutdowns have proven to be difficult for many people needing to find HVAC parts.

If you can’t work directly with your manufacturer because their operations were down, then you need another way to get your hands on the right parts. You don’t want to end up losing business to your competition simply because you don’t have the parts. In order to stay on track and help your business thrive, give Surplus City a call first!


Your One-Stop Shop for HVAC Equipment

Good HVAC companies know how to be the hero for their clients and help them stay comfortable all year long. With access to the entire Surplus City inventory, you’ll be able to find plenty of the missing HVAC parts you need to finish your jobs on-time and under-budget.

We have massive warehouses full of HVAC inventory and carry all of the major HVAC manufacturers equipment at reduced prices. By stocking up on what you need now, you’ll be in a better position to resolve every job that comes your way. But with Surplus City on your side, you can better protect your company’s bottom line. 


Indoor Air Quality and the Road Ahead

While the immediate needs of having reliable heating and cooling aren’t going away, HVAC companies do need to prepare for follow-up concerns in the coming years. We should expect that more and more people will start to care more about their indoor air quality than ever before. Exploring the role of modern and efficient HVAC systems for supplying clean air goes hand in hand with helping people feel better about fighting airborne illnesses.


Once again, it pays to plan ahead. Ordering the HVAC equipment and air filters you need now can help you be the trusted resource for your clients in any type of crisis. If you have any questions about our inventory, please give us a call toll free at (800) 428-4339. Let our knowledgeable team help you find the right replacement part or new system. We’re here to give you the best savings possible!


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When’s the Right Time to Replace Your Furnace?


We all want to keep our maintenance costs low around the house, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore those improvements altogether. Making sure your furnace is in good working order is a necessity, especially when frigid winter temperatures are on their way.


Time to Replace? Or Does Your Furnace Still Have Time?

In an ideal world, you’ll be able to invest in a quick repair and get to stay with your existing furnace another couple of years or longer. However, there are a handful of times when going the route of replacement is best. If your situation relates to any of these furnace red flags, making the switch to a new HVAC unit could actually save you a good chunk of money in the long run. Especially if you get your HVAC equipment from us at Surplus City!


1. Something’s wrong and your furnace is already old

Usually when your furnace gets to be 15 years old, holding onto it much longer makes less and less sense. If you’re facing another repair, consider whether that money might be better spent as a sort of down-payment on a brand-new unit.


2. Your energy bills are continuing to climb

There’s no denying the fact that older HVAC systems can’t beat today’s more efficient units. If you’d like a permanent way to lower your energy bills, then replacing your furnace with a newer model can help stop those expenses from climbing even higher.


3. You aren’t getting consistent heat in the house

Sometimes you’ll be able to tell that your furnace is on the way out because it isn’t properly heating every room in your house. Furnaces do become less efficient as parts wear down but other reasons to look into are: 

  • Wrong sized unit
  • Ductwork may have leaks
  • Insulation issues
  • Would your property benefit from a zoning system?


4. The HVAC repairs and parts are just too expensive

Even if you make this repair now, what are the odds that another problem won’t pop up before the season is done? Calculating the total, you’ve already spent so far on your furnace repairs and furnace parts might be the motivation you need to start fresh.


No matter your final decision, be sure to save the most money as possible. If that means making another repair with one of the rarer HVAC parts or starting to browse high-efficiency furnaces, make Surplus City your one-stop shop! We have a wide selection of HVAC equipment to help you get through the cold weather. And we’re known for our low, low prices. Take a look at our online catalog or gives us a call at (800) 428-4339 to get your home’s heating figured out!

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