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Turn to Surplus City for Older HVAC Parts


very small business owner wants to treat their customers right. Better service means repeat business, and that leads to new referrals and a loyal customer base. That’s why it’s important to keep costs low—on both sides of the table. HVAC companies, contractors, and even home warranty companies all benefit from sourcing repair parts quickly and affordably. Then you can pass the savings onto your customers. (And still protect your own bottom line.)


Make the Repair—Save the Day

There’s no reason to invest in brand-new HVAC equipment when a repair or two can reliably extend the life of an older system. Homeowners always appreciate honesty, and they need to know that your technicians are treating them right. It’s one of the best ways to separate your company from the competition. The HVAC industry is already tough enough as it is, so you want to take every opportunity to stand out. That usually comes down to your ability to solve HVAC repair issues.

Unfortunately, when you’re looking for older HVAC parts to make those repairs, things can get a little tricky. The manufacturer may not have the part on their shelves anymore. Or maybe they do, but the price is so high that it would destroy your profit margins. Your options might be pretty slim, depending on the age of the equipment. But you just need a supplier that has enough inventory to pull from.


Let’s Find the Older HVAC Parts You Need

Not every hunt for a part is going to end well, but it’s always important to review all of the possibilities before you consider making a more complicated repair or total replacement. At Surplus City Liquidators, we can help you find the parts you need to save the day for your customers. When you call our team and we have what you need on our shelves, we can usually save you around 50% just on that part. Of course, we’ll need some information first to check the inventory.

To start, we’d need the specific number for the defective part in question. Sometimes this is stamped on the part itself. The model and serial numbers from the HVAC unit itself won’t actually be any help to us. So when that part doesn’t have the number, you’d generally need to contact a dealer for that brand. They should have all of the latest software from the factory to help you identify what you need to make the repair. You can give them the unit’s model and serial numbers, and then you can get back with us about the parts information they’ve found for you. We keep our prices low, even for older and hard-to-find parts.


Give Surplus City a Call First!

We know it can be complicated to find the right replacement parts when the HVAC equipment you’re working on has been around for over a decade. But we’re here to help out. Because our warehouses are always stocked, there’s a good chance we have what you need, or a compatible alternative for you to complete the job.

It never hurts to contact us first to get your repair process underway. Just give us a call toll free at (800) 428-4339, and we’ll do our best to help you resolve the issue on-time and on-budget.

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Get Your Repairs Done with Priced to Sell Parts!


Every business owner needs to protect their margins. But small companies also need to stay competitive. That’s how we can help! It can be a real challenge to find that sweet spot between serving your customers and building up your revenue. Fortunately, we’ve got the priced-to-sell HVAC parts your technicians need to get the job done affordably for everyone.


The Affordability Factor

Quality counts. And most people are comfortable and happy to pay the right price for the equipment they need. Sometimes, though, the numbers don’t really add up. If you’re barely able to make a profit with your repair work—that’s when we run into problems.

You’ve worked hard to earn your customers’ trust, and that’s why they call on you for their HVAC tune-ups and repairs. But there’s a good chance you’re overpaying if you’re only sourcing your replacement parts directly from the manufacturer or an over-priced supplier. Being able to browse from a wide selection of HVAC parts gives you a leg up because you can compare the costs of different models simultaneously and find the right match for your project.

Plus, turning to a one-stop shop for your HVAC parts and equipment means you’ll be saving yourself some time. Hunting around online and calling multiple companies is time-consuming and frustrating. When you work with Surplus City Liquidators, you can find just about everything you need in one place. A streamlined system helps keep your business on track.


Make the Repairs with High-Quality Parts

When we talk about “priced to sell” parts, it’s never about compromising quality for a deal. It’s all about having the buying power to source the right parts. We’ve been in the business since 1975, and that experience allows us to stay competitive and put more money back in your pocket. Contractors, property managers, and even wholesalers know to call us first.

Affordability shouldn’t be about sacrificing performance. Everyone should be able to pay a fair price for good HVAC parts, and we’ve built our own business around that philosophy. Today, our buying power lets us stock over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space with brand-name HVAC equipment. Since we’re able to keep our own costs low and maintain so much inventory, it’s easy for us to pass those savings on to our customers. We want to earn your business so you can help your own customers and continue to grow. Then everyone wins.


We’ll Help You Get the Job Done

Before you waste time contacting a handful of other suppliers or the dealer directly, give our team a call first. With our massive inventory, there’s a good chance we’ve got exactly what you need on the shelves right now. Or we can help you find a solid alternative.

Our strategic location outside of Indianapolis means we can ship your parts quickly and affordably. Of course, you’re always welcome to swing by our showroom too. Let’s make your repairs as easy as possible! Give us a call toll-free at (800) 428-4339 to talk with one of our showroom reps. We’re here to help!

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Servicing your customers’ HVAC equipment requires a lot of technical expertise and integrity. You want to treat your customers right. Along the way, though, you also need to keep a close eye on your bottom line. Small business owners work hard to walk that line. Having a reliable resource for your HVAC repair parts can make all the difference. At Surplus City Liquidators, our whole goal is to help you out!


How Surplus City Works for HVAC Companies

Regular equipment tune-ups help your customers avoid repairs. But over enough time, every HVAC system is going to run into some problems here and there. And in order to continue earning their business, it’s important to figure out an affordable repair process. That starts with getting your HVAC parts at the right price.

Surplus City is different because we’ve got massive buying power in the industry. We’re able to source and stock more parts and sell them at about 50 percent less than other suppliers!

HVAC company owners know to call us first because more often than not, we’ve got exactly what they need for any furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner repair already on the shelf. They save time because they don’t have to worry about contacting multiple different sellers. Plus, we can get your order out of the door fast, so your own customers aren’t left waiting. You’re able to wrap up the project quickly—and affordably.


Find the HVAC Parts You Need for the Job

Obviously every job is different. But when you have the opportunity to make the repair instead of installing a brand-new system, you know it’s time to go the extra mile. We carry all of the major brands too, as well as older and hard-to-find parts. We’ve got all of the most common HVAC repair parts you use on a regular basis.

• Compressors

• Electric Motors

• Thermostats

• Ignitors

• Flame Sensors

• Contractors

• Transformers

• Air Filters, and more!

Just because our inventory is priced to sell, that doesn’t mean we ever compromise on quality. We know you need to stand behind your work, and that’s why we’re proud to offer brand-name and new HVAC parts for just about every repair imaginable. And when it really would be better to make the switch to a new system? Well, we can also help you save money there. Then you can give your customers and good deal and still boost your own profits without watching tight margins. Pick up what you need directly from our warehouse, or tell us to ship. Either way, we’re ready when you are.


Ready to Save the Day for Your Customers?

End each day on a high note, and help your technicians deliver the best possible service. When they’re able to get their hands on the right part for the job—and at the right price—that’s a great way to keep everyone happy. After all, no matter how skilled your team might be, it’s hard to stay competitive without reasonable rates. You need affordable parts, and we’re ready to deliver.

Send us a message or give us a quick call toll-free at (800) 428-4339 to learn more about what we have in the warehouse. Or browse the inventory online. We hope you find what you need!

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