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Customer Success Story: Tim Doerr Takes Business to the Next Level


Small business owners have to watch every dollar. Obviously your service always needs to be top-notch, but that only gets you so far. HVAC equipment can be expensive. But when you can’t get the same discounts that local supply houses give to the bigger companies, then the competition really gets tough. That’s why good HVAC companies need an edge for protecting their bottom line.

For business owner Tim Doerr Sr., that edge meant finding a way to get his HVAC equipment at reasonable prices. The supply chain in southern Indiana was tightening up, and having to wait for new air conditioners and furnaces was making his jobs take longer than they should. But then Tim heard about Surplus City Liquidators. Since then, business has skyrocketed.


About Tim Doerr Sr. Heating & Cooling

Tim Doerr Sr. is based in Evansville, Indiana and has been working in the heating and air business for over 37 years. Throughout this timeframe, he’s seen a lot of changes with the HVAC industry and quality of equipment—as well as shifts for availability.

His company is Tim Doerr Sr. Heating & Cooling. Currently, the team includes himself, a couple of technicians, and an operations manager who was recently hired. He says that although it’s a relatively small operation, they’re growing every day. Part of that is because of Surplus City. The savings Tim has seen by shopping from them has really helped his company hit its stride.

When he first found the Surplus City website and started browsing around, Tim said the low prices actually came as a bit of a surprise. He says he kept thinking, “Wow, can this be right?” But the numbers didn’t lie. Ordering from the Surplus City inventory has been a major gamechanger for his company, and he’s really enjoyed being able to track his growth—even with the new challenges in the market.


The Goal: Get an Edge on the “Shiny Truck” Guys

Recent strains on the supply chain have made it more and more difficult for smaller companies to get their hands on crucial HVAC parts and equipment. In Tim’s experience, the “big guys” can get semi loads of HVAC equipment at a time, which means they end up controlling the market and ultimately drive the prices up higher and higher.

“Some of them buy up a whole warehouse down here,” said Tim. Even a few of the people and supply companies he’d done business with for over 35 years have started to change their ways and treat him differently than in the past.

Smaller businesses are getting cut off from getting the equipment that they need. Because of that, the bigger companies are able to sell units at outrageous prices. “It’s robbery in my eyes,” said Tim. “We don’t agree with it.”

Before connecting with Surplus City, though, there wasn’t a clear way to solve the problem. But now they’re getting the business edge they needed. Being able to compete pricewise in a larger city has been critical.

“With the prices here at local supply houses, sometimes we’re saving up to 75% on units when we go to Surplus City,” said Tim. “And that isn’t exaggerated. It’s strictly the truth.”

The Surplus City warehouses often have units for $1,200 or $1,300 that are going for $4,000 in his local area. The savings have made a huge difference for Tim’s company to keep up with others in the area. He gets great savings, and then he can pass those savings on to his own customers. It’s working out for everyone involved. Even better: Tim’s been completely happy with every price he’s gotten from Surplus City, as well as with every product. And there continue to be other perks too.


Customer Service in a Changing World

On his first drive up to the Surplus City warehouse, Tim said that no less than five employees came out to greet him and welcomed him “like we were old friends.” Things started off on the right foot, and his company hasn’t looked back since. Tim also says that the Surplus City team has been great for his newest hire too.

“My operations manage has never been involved in HVAC services before,” said Tim. “And the Surplus City team is teaching her the verbiage and everything. It’s wonderful.”

Whenever they call, it seems to only take a few minutes for the sales team to help them find the right part. Because the Surplus City warehouses gets new inventory in all the time, being able to touch base in real time has helped Tim’s company keep up-to-speed on their project load. He says his operations manager is “hitting home runs every day.” It’s all thanks to great customer service, and that’s something Tim knows pretty well.

His company is typically booked about 3-4 weeks out. A lot of that is because of his own approach to business. He keeps his prices reasonable and tries to make the equipment accessible so anyone can have heat and air. Sometimes his company will even give away systems to help people who are experiencing hardships. That care and attention to detail aren’t always easy to find in the industry.


Stocking Up on the HVAC Equipment That Matters Most

Because Tim adheres to the cash and carry process for HVAC equipment, his initial preference with Surplus City was to buy packaged units. The equipment is usually the best solution for his customers, and he says that Surplus City has good prices on those units and other finished products too.

“We’re actually going to lower some of our prices even more to move more equipment,” said Tim. “Business is going that well.”

Tim has also found that having his orders shipped is cheaper for him, which is great because He Surplus City does a great job of packing up their merchandise. Tim’s busy schedule doesn’t make it easy to get out of his service area. Plus, he usually has to lease a truck to pull his trailer. When you add in the price of fuel with that rental— and losing a day of labor—being able to ship his HVAC equipment is both affordable and efficient.

“I’m a small business,” said Tim. “Lose a day, and it’s like you’re a week behind.”

By checking with the Surplus City inventory first and streamlining his company budget with easy shipping, Tim has been able to pass on more savings to all of their customers. Paying less money for the equipment up front lets them quote projects more competitively than ever. His company doesn’t even need to take a hit. The savings are so significant, he’s able to give everyone a better deal, while still building on his own growth.

“We can sell and install for less than what we can buy equipment for around here,” said Tim. “So we pass our savings on. We give it to the consumer. We’re probably the only ones doing that in the area.”


Long-Term Growth Because of Surplus City Savings

Tim has been ordering from Surplus City Liquidators for over one year now, and he’s at the point where he’ll buy certain equipment models in multiples. This helps him save even more because he can combine shipping. The boost in his profit margins has also allowed him to store more inventory on his own property. After years of working from a home office, Tim even went ahead and moved into a commercial office space and got his own warehouse. He’s also been expanding his fleet.

“I finally went for it, and it’s the best move I’ve ever made,” said Tim. “I may not be filling my pockets like the big guys, but I’ve bought two additional trailers and got a jam going on. It’s a good problem to have in business.”

The company’s growth is the result of meaningful savings and an ongoing commitment to provide great quality and pricing for his work. They have a solid return customer base, and the word continues to spread. Tim is serving the three-state area of Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. He’s even getting calls from Chicago for his commercial installs.

Tim would like to continue the transition to industrial and commercial HVAC work, and lately, he’s even advertising nationwide on a few different services. He says his company will keep making bigger purchases as he takes his business to the next level.

“I look forward to a long relationship with Surplus City,” said Tim. “They’ve got their heads on straight for business, and I hope they stay there forever. We’re very pleased with them.”


The team at Surplus City Liquidators is always happy to speak with new customers and small business owners across the country! If you have any inventory questions, please don’t hesitate to call (800) 428-4339.

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Find Your Legacy HVAC Parts with Surplus City


If the HVAC parts you need are getting more difficult to find, then it might be time to think outside of the box. Obviously you can’t afford to cut any corners, but small business owners should be aware that not all of their HVAC repair parts need to carry the exact same number that their heating and cooling equipment suggests. Working with legacy parts can often get you a better deal—and that’s a win-win for everyone.


Protect Your Bottom Line

Every company needs to watch their expenses. You don’t want your own costs to climb, because then you’d be faced with some tough decisions. How are you going to be able to maintain a reliable profit margin? Do you just eat the extra costs and hope for more business? Or do you raise rates and then risk losing a few clients to the competition?

To keep everything on track, you need an HVAC parts company that knows how to stock the right items and keep prices low. At Surplus City Liquidators, that’s what we’re all about! Our customers come to us because we have an extensive inventory of new and brand-name HVAC equipment and replacement parts. A big part of that includes legacy parts. They’re often way more affordable, which is great for keeping your budget where it needs to be.


Options for Legacy Parts

Whenever you think you’ve hit a dead-end on your parts hunt, legacy parts might be the solution. It’s all about thinking critically and looking past the model number.

We use the term “legacy” for parts that are essentially the same between different heating and cooling models. Put another way, legacy HVAC parts were originally built for an old unit. But when the manufacturer didn’t change anything about that particular part for equipment designs later on, then you can continue to use that SAME part for newer models.

Before you become familiar with this process, it might seem a little tricky to navigate. But once you understand the HVAC parts game, you’ll be in a better position to protect your bottom line. What you’re basically doing with legacy parts is finding the exact right part for the job, just without that “new” part number and price. The manufacturers might change the part numbers on newer equipment, but that doesn’t mean your only option is to go with that one, particular part to make the repair. Legacy parts help you save money, stay efficient on the job, and live up to reputation of having solid customer service.


Check with Surplus City First!

You can usually get exactly what you need for the job by tapping into the legacy parts market. Of course, at the start, it’s definitely smart to work with someone who understands the options. When you’re ready to talk, our team is here to help. We have knowledgeable team members who can answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 428-4339.

We’d be happy to help you analyze the HVAC model requirements. Then we’ll review the part numbers to make sure you’re getting what you actually need. Check with us first, and keep your costs low. Then you can make your own clients happy too!

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Make Those HVAC System Repairs First—and Save!


When heating and cooling equipment isn’t working like it should, you never want to jump to conclusions. Until you run through your repair options, don’t assume that the equipment is done for good. This type of persistence matters even more for HVAC companies, because experienced techs understand the importance of treating their clients right. And that means figuring out the root cause of the problem, not just tossing in the towel. You need to consider all of the possible repair options first.


Find Your HVAC Repair Parts

System tune-ups definitely make a difference for increasing the lifespan and efficiency of heating and cooling equipment. But you can’t rely on those services alone. A lot of HVAC parts will eventually break—that’s just a fact of life.

You might have a handful of the most common replacement parts already on your truck. Then again, some parts are getting harder and harder to come by. For small business owners, that can really put their margins at risk. Even when you’ve got all of the knowledge and experience to make the right repair, if you don’t have the parts, then there’s no way of fixing it.

That’s why you need a good HVAC parts supplier. If the competition in your area has been buying up all of the equipment from your local HVAC dealers and suppliers, then it’s time to find an edge somewhere else.

More often than not, our inventory at Surplus City can help you out! We have warehouses consistently stocked with brand-name heating and cooling equipment, as well as new replacement parts. Our whole goal is to help you save money. Then you can pass some of those savings on to your own clients.


Planning for a Long-Term Solution

Repair services just make better sense for business. Your clients want high-quality work, but they also need it to come at a reasonable price. Having access to repair parts that are actually priced correctly and at a fair price helps smaller HVAC companies stay ahead.

Of course, sometimes the best long-term solution isn’t about making a repair. If the repair costs will only continue to add up, recommending a system replacement might be the answer. The equipment will be more efficient, which can help lower energy bills. Plus, your clients can have the peace of mind knowing that their heating and cooling will be more reliable year-round. It’s all about honing in on the most logical decision.  


We’ve Got the HVAC Equipment You Need!

There’s no reason to make plans for a total system replacement unless you’re certain that it will be more cost-effective than a series of repairs. But whatever that best solution might be, you need to make sure that you’re buying your HVAC parts and equipment from a trusted source. 

Just as you’re working to help your clients save money by handling system repairs before a total system replacement, we’re here to give you a great deal too. Whether you’re looking to stock up on some of the HVAC parts you use most often, or you need something that’s harder to find, we can help! You can browse our repair parts catalogue online and then feel free to call us at (800) 428-4339 if you have any questions. We want to make sure you can get those repairs done right the first time.

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The construction industry is definitely booming, but many general contractors are still facing business challenges. Being able to source the right materials and supplies has gotten more difficult in recent years. If you can’t get your hands on what you need, then the entire project might come to a standstill.

Fortunately, when it comes to HVAC equipment, we’ve got your back! Our inventory is stocked with new and brand-name heating and cooling systems. And we have a massive catalog of both common and hard-to-find HVAC repair parts too. It always pays to call Surplus City first.


We Help General Contractors

Maybe you’re in the middle of a commercial project. Or maybe it’s another major home remodel. Either way, general contractors come to us with all sorts of specific HVAC equipment requests. You can’t afford to get a heating and cooling system that’s too big for what your site actually needs. Then again, you also can’t settle for equipment that isn’t powerful enough.

You need options. So before you check in with a local dealer, see how much you could save with Surplus City. We have a wide range of HVAC equipment models from all of the major manufacturers. Our low prices and great deals on shipping are great for general contractors located all across the country. 

  • - Big savings on HVAC equipment
  • - Fast and affordable shipping
  • - Answers to all of your questions

Whether it’s an HVAC technician calling us or an office admin, we’re always happy to talk with our customers about their projects. We keep a massive inventory and  have knowledgeable staff members on the warehouse floors. So just tell us what you need, and we’ll help you find the best solution!


HVAC Repair Parts and New Equipment

We supply general contractors with residential HVAC equipment, large commercial units, and even industrial heating and cooling systems. Along the way, we can be your one-stop-solution for sourcing any HVAC repair parts you and your team may need.

You’ve already got a lot on your plate—that’s why we make it easy to shop.

There’s always a wide range of items on our shelves, so don’t waste your time calling around, because odds are, we’ve already got exactly what you’re looking for in stock. This frees up some time to focus on other aspects of your job.


Get the Job Done Right!

In order to keep your project on-track, you need a streamlined process and high-quality products. You also need to get the right people on your side. Let the Surplus City team help give you a competitive advantage.

Saving money on the backend makes it easier to protect your own bottom line. And there’s no reason why you have to sacrifice quality just to get a better price. Because our buying power is so strong, we’re able to continue keeping our own costs low year over year. Then we pass those savings on to you.

These days, heating and cooling aren’t luxuries. They’re necessities. You want to finish up your projects with reliable HVAC equipment to keep your own clients happy. Come shop with us and see how much you could save. Just check out the inventory catalogue online, or give us a call at (800) 428-4339 for help placing your order. We’re ready when you are!

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