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Cold Weather Is on the Way—Is Your Furnace Ready?


Homeowners who are willing to make a small investment with their HVAC equipment now can save themselves from major headaches down the road. It pays to plan ahead. Although the temperatures might not be dropping quite yet, the next season is always just around the corner. You want to make sure that your furnace is ready.


Gearing Up for the Change of Seasons

The entire point of your home’s HVAC system is to stay comfortable year-round. When the weather is rough outside, we need to make sure things indoors are just how we like them—not too hot and not too cold. But if your air conditioning or heating equipment isn’t able to keep up, then your house might not really feel like “home.” We want to kick back and relax. Not keep messing with the thermostat. That’s why regular HVAC tune-ups are so important.


Schedule the Furnace Tune-ups Sooner Than Later

When the furnace breaks down, it makes sense to want it fixed ASAP. Especially when the nights are cold or there’s snow on the ground. Once your furnace stops working, it’s only a matter of time before the heat that was already in your house escapes outside. That’s basically money flying out the door.

It’s easier to avoid a surprise furnace repair job when you get an HVAC tune-up in the fall. Part of that, though, is to get scheduled early on. A lot of HVAC companies fill up fast as the seasons change, and you don’t want to miss out on any minor repairs you might need before the weather really turns. The little things add up. If you don’t catch problems quickly, then they’ll only get worse. You don’t want to get stuck at the bottom of their service list.

And for the HVAC companies during this time of year—you don’t want to leave your customers waiting around without heat. Ideally, you’ll have the right repair parts at the ready. But if you need to order them in, then they better arrive fast. Let Surplus City help you out!


Need Furnace Parts? Surplus City Has You Covered

You shouldn’t have to go directly to the manufacturer to secure the furnace parts you need. In fact, you’ll likely pay way more than you need to. It’s better to check with a discount HVAC parts supplier first. We’ve got a massive inventory of new, brand-name parts. We also have a variety of affordable legacy parts that still work with newer equipment. Just compare our price-points against other sellers. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

HVAC contractors and small business owners across the country know to check our inventory first in order to get great deals. At Surplus City Liquidators, we’re all about giving you low prices on most popular repair parts and HVAC equipment. We also have rare HVAC parts too!

Our buying power gives us great discounts, and then we pass those savings on to you. Plus, we’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the nuances of each HVAC manufacturer. If we don’t have the exact part that you have in mind, there are probably a lot of cross-over solutions. Our team’s experience can help you get your hands on what you need! If you need assistance, just give us a call at (800) 428-4339.

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When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Air Filter?


It’s pretty amazing what fresh air can do for our mood. That’s why we like spending time outdoors. But we should still be getting clean air inside too. Unfortunately, simply opening the windows isn’t usually the best option. The weather outside has to be just-right to keep the house still feeling comfortable. On the other hand, having stuffy air indoors can make your entire home feel a little drab and dingy. So what’s the best solution?

Good HVAC technicians understand the value of replacing air filters on the regular. Yet the reasoning isn’t always clear to homeowners. Once you know a little more about what a new air filter can do, you might wonder why you haven’t put in a new one sooner!


New Air Filters Improve 3 Key Things

When your indoor air seems stale, you don’t necessarily have to reach for a scented candle to clean things up. Sure, having a lot of dirt and dust around the house is one thing. Yet an HVAC filter can actually do a lot of the tough cleanup work for you. Regularly swapping out the air filter gives you a handful of benefits.

1. Putting in new filters helps with allergies and air quality.

This is the most immediate improvement. You’ll probably notice the change in your indoor air quality right away. Whether you’re in the height of the allergy season or you have pets that are kind of compromising that “fresh air” vibe, following a set schedule to put in a new air filter can help you breathe easier, sleep better, and just feel like you have a cleaner home altogether.

For some families, air filters only need to be changed every six months. If your HVAC equipment doesn’t run very often, then you can hold out a bit longer than homes that are running the heating or cooling 24/7. If nothing else, just do a quick check. Take the air filter out and see how dirty it looks. You might actually need to replace it every 8 weeks, or even sooner.

2. Old air filters make your HVAC equipment work harder.

Clean filters make it easy for the air to pass through. But obviously it’s not like an open door. The filter is also working to remove allergens and other impurities from your recycled air. If your filters are old and clogged with debris, though, then your equipment is going to use more power to keep that air moving. Systems that get pushed to these limits can eventually require more expensive repairs. Putting in a clean air filter can help you avoid those problems.

3. Staying on-schedule also helps lower your energy bills.

If your equipment isn’t running as efficiently as possible, you’re going to see that reflected in your energy bills. Before you start wondering whether you need to upgrade to new HVAC equipment, check that air filter first! It’s probably the most affordable way to help your heating and air conditioning systems last longer.


When You Want to Stock Up—Call Surplus City

No matter what size or type of air filters you need, Surplus City Liquidators can help you out. We always keep our warehouses stocked. Even better—our strategic Indianapolis location allows us to ship out orders fast.

You can find what you need here on our website. Or feel free to give us a call at (800) 428-4339 to get help finding what you need. We’re here to give you great prices, as well as great service along the way!

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When the equipment isn’t working like it should, this is the biggest question on everyone’s mind: Is it better to replace or repair? There are going to be expenses either way. But you want to feel confident that you’re moving forward with the best long-term option.

Maybe the HVAC equipment can push through another year. Then again, maybe it’s finally time to bite the bullet and invest in an upgrade. This guide can help you figure out what to do.


The Master Repair vs Replace Guide: 5 Things to Consider

It helps to have checklists. Whether you’re working on the HVAC equipment on your own as a homeowner, or you’re a contractor working to help that homeowner make the right call, it’s important to have some points of reference for the repair vs replace dilemma. Running through these 5 questions can give you a better sense of the direction you need to take.

1. Can you just swap out the air filter?

Sounds simple, but this can make a big difference. And overlooking this happens more often than most people realize. Obviously a good HVAC company will know to check this out for you. As a homeowner, though, it’s always worth taking a second look.

2. Have you hit the 10-year AC mark and/or 15 years with the furnace?

If you’re on the fence about replacing the equipment, this recommendation from ENERGY STAR might help inform your decision. Their rule of thumb is to replace a broken AC system when it’s 10 years old—or older. With furnaces you can stretch that lifespan to 15 years.

Basically, if you’re looking at HVAC equipment that’s only 5 years old, you probably shouldn’t make the investment for a brand-new system. 

3. Is the equipment really that effective anymore?

This goes along with the equipment age question above. Even if making the repair got the system back up and running again, will it be as powerful and efficient as it needs to be to effectively heat or cool the home? Again, if you’re unsure about this as a homeowner, an experienced HVAC contractor should be able to help you out.

4. Can you tally up the recent repair costs?

Another formula you can use is to multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the system. The goal is for that number to come in below $5,000. For example, if you’re looking at a $600 repair and the system is already 10 years old, you might want to go ahead with a new system because it will be more reliable.

5. Do the energy bills keep getting worse?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can deliver some massive savings. It might seem expensive to buy a new air conditioner or furnace, but when you think about the immediate energy bill savings—and how they’ll add up year over year—going ahead with the replacement could be the best call.  


Need HVAC Repair Parts? Or Brand-New Equipment?

Surplus City is here to help! No matter what decision you reach for that replace vs repair question, we’ve got the inventory you need to resolve the issue. We’re all about promoting affordability for our customers. We offer great deals to small business owners in the HVAC industry, and we also have homeowners who reach out to us directly.

Please let us know what’s on your list. Or just browse our inventory online. We’ve got great discounts and savings to help make all of your furnace and air conditioning projects more affordable than ever!

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