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Surplus City: Your Affordable Source for Packaged Heat Pumps


Homes that use packaged heat pumps for their heating and cooling can save a good chunk of money throughout the year. The equipment is efficient. It’s also usually easier for HVAC technicians to install.

The problem these days, though, is actually getting your hands on good packaged heat pumps. Inventory across the country is running tight. So when you do find the right HVAC equipment, you’re usually faced with some outrageous prices. That’s why you’ll want to call Surplus City first. We can help you keep your costs low. 


Packaged Heat Pumps—Ready to Ship!

When the seasons are changing, you’ve got to give your clients the heating and cooling solutions they need ASAP. But going directly to the manufacturer doesn’t always pan out. The other HVAC companies in your area might have already cleared their inventory. Then you also have the high costs to consider.

At Surplus City, we do things differently. We’re constantly receiving new shipments, and that means we can actually keep our warehouses stocked. Plus, since we’re based out of central Indiana, we’re able to get your orders out fast. There’s no need to scramble on your end. It’s an easy process from start to finish.


Better Efficiency for Your Business and Clients

Getting your packaged heat pumps quickly helps you wrap up every job without a lot of lag. That keeps your clients happy, and it’s also better for your bottom line. Working efficiently is a key part of your company’s cash flow. You can send invoices sooner, and then you’ll be able to hold on to more money from month to month.


Finish the Job with Affordable Packaged Heat Pumps

We constantly have customers telling us that they’re saving so much by shopping with us that they can even start planning ahead with larger orders. This is especially true for packaged heat pumps. The equipment just makes sense for so many homeowners. By keeping it “at the ready” on your own site, you can start finishing installations in record time.

Our selection of new, brand-name packaged heat pumps will help you finish each job on-time. Even better—you can wrap up the work on a reasonable budget. It all starts by Surplus City first. Before you go to the overpriced local HVAC suppliers, visit our website to see what we have in stock!


Trust Surplus City for the Big Savings

After decades in this industry, we’ve built up a massive buying power. We can save more on our inventory because we’re in the position to place big orders. Then we share our savings with you, so you can help your clients save more money too.

New shipments are coming to the Surplus City warehouses all the time. Let us be your one-stop shop for big savings. If there’s a particular brand of packaged heat pumps that you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We might have your preferred system in stock even if you don’t see it currently listed on the website. It’s easy for us to jump on the phone and talk with you. We’re ready when you are!

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Surplus City: Your Stop for Affordable Heating and Cooling


There are plenty of reasons why budgets get tight. So when you’re faced with a major repair for your HVAC equipment, or it’s time to invest in a new system altogether, homeowners need a way to save. Moreover, HVAC contractors need to get their hands on affordable heating and cooling equipment too!


The Struggle for Affordable Heating and Cooling

HVAC manufacturers have been able to develop truly smart and efficient solutions over the years. But recently the industry has been hitting some hang-ups with the actual production. It’s the basic nature of supply and demand.

Without as many furnaces , air conditioners, and HVAC repair parts available on the market, the harder it is to find affordable heating and cooling. But it gets worse. Because when you finally do locate the equipment you need, it’s likely from an extremely over-priced dealer. You need the equipment to finish the job, but the upfront costs are just too high. You’ve got your own bottom-line to protect, as well as your clients’ budget. That’s how we can help.


Save Upfront, Then Help Your Clients Save Too

At Surplus City, our low prices make it easy to retain long-term customers. It all comes from our strong buying power. We’ve been in this business for decades, and that means we have the opportunity to place larger and larger HVAC orders, with better and better results. We save more because we can buy more. And then we pass those bargain prices on to you.

We know it’s a challenge for small business owners to stay competitive in this market. By lowering your costs upfront, you can start to offer better rates to your clients. Quality service always makes a difference. Yet it’s also about getting affordable heating and cooling solutions right out of the gate. You need HVAC repair parts that are priced fairly, as well as reasonable rates for new, brand-name HVAC equipment. As your go-to supplier, we can make that happen.


Affordable Heating and Cooling Equipment—Right Here

When you don’t know how to narrow down your search, affordable heating and cooling equipment isn’t easy to find. You can spend hours online clicking around for the right HVAC parts. And even then you might come up short! Instead of checking any website at random, you need a one-stop shop to call first. The solution is Surplus City Liquidators!

Our inventory spans from residential HVAC equipment to large-scale rooftop packaged units for commercial properties. Plus, our warehouses are constantly receiving new shipments. You never really know what you might find when you browse our website. Sometimes it pays to stock up on some of our more affordable heating and cooling solutions. Otherwise, just keep coming to us on a project-by-project basis!

Whenever you want to talk through different equipment options, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We have experienced, knowledgeable staff members who are always happy to collaborate. Our mission is to help you save on each and every order. Your repeat business is great for us, but more importantly, it’s better for your own clients. Keeping their invoices as low as possible—and still providing quality service—is sure to bring new referrals your way. Just get your affordable heating and cooling from us. Then everybody wins!

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HVAC companies deal with big expenses every day. But although the standard price on furnaces is high, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or pass the bulk of those expenses on to your customers. They deserve to pay a fair price. And as a small business owner, you can’t afford to take on all of those costs either. That’s why Surplus City is here to help.


Affordable Furnaces—Better for Everyone

When you can find affordable heating and cooling for sale, everyone wins. You won’t have the same pressure to drive up your own prices on HVAC equipment to break even or keep up with the local competition. Homeowners will notice the difference with your fair rates.

Plus, with your solid customer service, you’ll be more likely to get more and more referrals coming your way, all throughout the year.

No one really wants to hear that it’s time to upgrade their furnace. Whether they own a gas furnace or an oil furnace, new equipment is a serious investment. By offering a lower rate, they’ll definitely be more interested to hire your team instead of someone else.


Move Ahead of the Local Competition

You’re probably aware of some of the outrageous prices that the other HVAC companies in your service area charge for furnaces and the installation. Protecting your own bottom line with affordable furnaces means you’ll get an edge on the competition.


  • • Find low prices every day
  • • Treat your customers with respect
  • • Continue providing great service

In this industry, honesty and integrity are everything. There’s no reason to over-charge your customers when you’re able to get rock-bottom prices on today’s best furnaces. Since you’ll be saving upfront, you can easily pass some of those savings onto your clients. They’ll always appreciate a lower quote.


Fair Prices on the Furnaces You Need

As an HVAC contractor, you work on a wide variety of furnaces on any given week. Fortunately, our vast inventory can help you find what you need. We have new, brand-name furnaces for both residential and commercial sites.

Some people might be loyal to a particular HVAC manufacturer. Check with us first to see if we have the furnaces you need to make your customers happy. Since we have plenty of furnaces in stock, we help you move any project along at a quicker pace. We always want to get equipment into your hands ASAP.

Our fast shipping means less downtime for you—and your customers.

Surplus City is conveniently located just north of Indianapolis, so we’re able to act quickly to get your orders out the door. Low prices. Fast deliveries. That’s a winning combination for every aspect of your business.


Check with Surplus City First!

Your costs on furnaces don’t have to hurt your budget. Just browse the inventory at Surplus City. We’re constantly striving to be the one-stop-shop for all of your HVAC equipment. Our bargain prices help HVAC companies across the country protect their bottom-line, complete their work quickly, and grow their business because they can offer competitive service.

We receive new shipments all the time, and we’d be happy to put you in touch with one of our knowledge team members in our warehouses. Please feel free to call our team if you ever don’t see the furnaces you need on our website. We might know of some new furnaces that only just arrived. Call (800) 428-4339 and see how much you can save!

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