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Customer Showcase: Property Manager Savings with Surplus City


The vast majority of customers who find their HVAC equipment with Surplus City Liquidators are small business owners. Typically, that means a smaller-scale HVAC company. But property managers also get great benefits by shopping with Surplus City! Here’s just one example of how big savings can lead to better outcomes for any industry.


Meet the Property Management Company

Tom runs a property management company based out of Lafayette, Indiana. Naturally, a significant part of his business is centered around saving money on his maintenance costs. That’s a key part of keeping his rents lower than the competition. That’s why he leverages Surplus City. Their affordable inventory helps ensure that his properties’ HVAC equipment stay up and running. And when it does come time to install a new system, that the cost won’t hurt his bottom line. 

“You never like to do replacement furnaces,” said Tom. “It’s not a call you want. That’s the entire rent for a year—there’s not even a profit margin.” 

Surplus City helps minimize those risks, and even remove them altogether. Instead of losing a year’s worth of rent, he’s able to buy equipment at a fair price. Over the years, Tom said that he’s saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Surplus City. He wouldn’t have been able to keep those costs down by shopping anywhere else.


The Difference with Surplus City

If the tenants aren’t happy, Tom says, then we’re not happy. Today, his rental business includes around 50 different properties. He started investing in rentals 40 years ago, and he has several maintenance people on his team who can take all service calls as they come in. If there’s a unit they aren’t able to fix, then he calls an HVAC technician to complete the work. But oftentimes, it doesn’t even come to that.

“It’s so easy for a non-HVAC guy, and way better than going to a wholesaler,” said Tom. “I can get on the internet and get ideas, or just call Surplus City and tell them what I want.”

Whenever he has a broken system in front of him, Tom knows he can call the sales team and that they’ll help out. It’s just a matter of telling them what he wants, and they’ll grab his order right off the warehouse floors.

As he puts it, there’s never really a concern about whether his HVAC systems are “purple or even pink.” The units are already in a closed room or a basement, and again—the properties are rentals. 

While some homeowners may not be interested in new equipment that has a dent, for Tom, it just doesn’t make sense to pay $24K for a system. His renters only care about having their heating and cooling running properly. Since the “looks” don’t matter, there’s never any hesitation about checking with Surplus City first.

“They’re providing brand-new equipment,” said Tom. “Even though it might be two, three, or four years old—there’s no problem. It’s never been hooked up.”

Tom has found that the equipment lasts just as long as any other new HVAC system that would get installed the same year it was manufactured. They all work the same, starting from their hook-up on day one. Plus, the savings can’t be beat.


Major Discounts—Across the Board

Shopping at Surplus City has allowed Tom to help out his friends and family too. Last year, he picked up two different pieces of equipment from Surplus City that would have cost upwards of $12K if he’d bought them from a dealer in town.

“I went to Surplus and spent $2K for equipment and just charged $500 to install them,” said Tom. “Most times, it’s an even better system. We saved $10K twice just by driving to Lebanon.”

Even without that “family discount” he was giving, Tom could have still saved his family $5K and made $5K for himself compared to the local market’s asking price of $12K. Put another way, an HVAC company could have sold the same equipment to their customer at-cost, so they’d only end up paying $7K instead of a full $12K. Shopping with Surplus City gives everyone an edge because they’re able to pass on meaningful savings without taking a hit to their own profits.


Sticking with Surplus City for the Long-Term

Turning to Surplus City makes it faster for Tom to get the necessary parts or replacement units for all of his properties. Even better, the affordability lets him collect the most revenue possible and protect his margins year over year.

There’s no doubt in Tom’s mind that he’ll continue doing business with Surplus City. Not only is he getting massive savings on his HVAC equipment, he’s also been keeping more money in his pocket because he doesn’t need to store his own inventory or pay for extra space. He says that he’s basically getting half of a garage for free.

Of course, all of these savings aren’t the only benefit. Checking with Surplus City first is the obvious call because there’s also a great support team on the other line.

“The crew is fast and they know what they’re talking about,” said Tom. “They are good people—they really are. I’ve never had an issue with them.”

Tom went on to say that since there are only two or three places around town to get hardware, the fact that Surplus City can be another resource will make a big difference for everyone in the community. Hardware is the same no matter where you buy it. Without access to that supply, though, it just takes longer to make repairs and finish a job.

Then with Surplus City’s second location opening in Lafayette, Indiana, Tom and his team will be able to get their hands on the equipment they need ASAP, without having to make the drive south to Lebanon. They’ll be able to pick up whole systems straight from the Surplus City’s new warehouse. It’s making it even easier to keep his operation running smoothly. 

“Yes, they will get 100% of my business when they’re here. It just makes sense,” said Tom.


The team at Surplus City Liquidators is always happy to hear from property management companies and small business owners—no matter where you are in the country! If you have any questions about the HVAC equipment currently in stock, please don’t hesitate to call the team at (800) 428-4339.

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More often than not, your projects aren’t going to be centered around boilers. The standard today is having a gas furnace. But when you do get a call to repair or run some maintenance on a boiler system, you want to make sure you’re prepared. Having the right parts on-hand is key to running a great business. You also need a reliable supplier to call when it’s time to order new boilers on behalf of your customers. Along the way, you’ll want to keep your costs reasonable too!


Stop Overpaying on Your HVAC Equipment and Boilers

If you’re running a small business, you understand the challenges of keeping your costs low. This has proven to be even more difficult in the HVAC industry lately because inventory shortages are driving prices up. And while the big companies are usually able to eat those costs upfront—and then charge outrageous rates for their work—other local businesses can start to fall behind.

Surplus City is here to change that. We’re the go-to HVAC equipment supplier for small businesses and contractors all across the country. Our massive buying power allows us to keep new and brand-name equipment in stock year-round. Even better—we pass our savings directly to you.

  • • New inventory coming all the time
  • • All the brand-name HVAC manufacturers
  • • Replacement parts—including ones that are hard to find
  • • Knowledgeable staff to answer your questions
  • • Fast, affordable shipping straight from the Midwest

We’re constantly hearing from our customers that they’re saving double or sometimes triple on their HVAC equipment than if they’d gone elsewhere. We love getting this feedback and think that it’s great for everyone, all the way down to saving your own customers extra money!


What Type of Boilers Does Your Company Need?

Moving ahead of the competition means you need to both provide great service and great rates. But if your equipment expenses are through the roof, then you won’t be able to pass savings on to your clients. If you’re looking for affordable boilers, reach out to us first—before you overpay.

It’s also helpful to have a collection of replacement parts at-the-ready for your boiler repair work. Just put in your order with Surplus City, and you’ll be all set for your next service call:

  • • Burner
  • • Heat exchanger
  • • Supply & Return Lines
  • • Firebox
  • • Refractory
  • • Circulator Pumps
  • • Deaerators / Condensers
  • • …and plenty more!

Some boilers will serve as the home’s hot water heater. We can help collaborate with you on part replacement options for those systems. We take a lot of pride in having great customer service, and we’re always happy to talk with you about what’s currently in the warehouse so you can get your hands on whatever you need.


Trust Surplus City to Give You Great Prices on Boilers!

Finish your jobs on-time and under-budget. When you check with Surplus City first, you can help guarantee that you’re getting the absolute best rates on your boilers, replacement parts, and other HVAC equipment.

Our inventory includes new and brand-name equipment, as well as fantastic discounts on equipment that’s out of warranty but still completely reliable.

Boilers are ideal for homeowners who are looking for radiant heating solutions and toasty, heated floors. Whether they already have equipment installed or their boilers are due for repairs, let’s partner up!

Start by browsing our website to find the affordable HVAC and boiler parts you need. Our team will also be here to give you friendly service on-site when you want to grab your equipment same-day. Or feel free to give us a call over the phone when you’re looking to put in an order to ship and need to run through a few questions first: (765) 482-7000

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