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Homeowners and property owners trust their local HVAC companies to keep their equipment up and running all year long, through every type of weather. Make sure your team can deliver! 

In This Market, Good HVAC Companies Need an Edge

Customer service is the name of the game in the HVAC world. Unfortunately, even when small companies provide outstanding and honest service, they can still face some roadblocks for getting ahead. You need to protect your own bottom line. But with prices climbing on the central heat and air units you, it’s hard to offer a better, lower quote to go along with your great customer service.

Affordable central heat and air units don’t just help your customers, they boost the profit margins for your company too.

Surplus City has the power to give customers great deals because we’re not a distributor for any manufacturer. Our sole focus is to sell excess and liquidated items, which means that you get great, reliable equipment—without the large price tag.

We have customers who have been loyal to our company for years for exactly that reason. They’re getting consistent savings. They don’t have to worry about the quality of the equipment either. It’s a win for them, and for their customers. They’re getting solid savings upfront, so they’re also in a position to lower the costs for their customers.

Get the Best Prices on Central Heat and Air Units

There’s no doubt that you can get fantastic savings on large purchases like your central heat and air units when you go to an affordable supplier. Of course, there are other things to consider, as well. If you don’t already have the correct HVAC parts on hand to make the fix and get things back on track, you could be losing valuable business to the competition. That’s why contractors and HVAC companies shop with Surplus City.

  • • Reliable, affordable equipment
  • • Fast shipping across the country
  • • Knowledgeable staff ready to help!

You need to be able to find great prices on all of the repair parts for your central heat and air units. When you use Surplus City as your one-stop shop, you’ll be saving a good chunk of money on every order. Plus, you’ll be saving time because you won’t need to search the internet and browse tons of websites just to find that rare “missing” HVAC part.


Heating and Cooling for Sale—at Surplus City!

Whether you’re looking for stand-alone air conditioners or air handlers, a propane furnace, heat pump, or energy-efficient central heat and air units, our warehouses are stocked with all of the top, brand-name HVAC equipment your company needs to serve your customers right.

Call (800) 428-4339 to talk with our team and find the best solution for your install or repair project.

Our staff members are always happy to collaborate with both HVAC technicians and other individuals who are feeling in over their head while sifting through all of the HVAC equipment options. We’ll walk you through every step and help find exactly what you need. And with our fast shipping, you’ll be able to keep doing what you do best! Treating your customers like your own friends and family—and working to grow your business along the way.

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What is the most common culprit of a furnace not working?


Indiana winters can be grueling and nothing is scarier or more miserable than a cold winter night when the furnace stops working. Here at Surplus City Liquidators, we want to help you avoid those unpleasant experiences. There are several things that can be the reason of a faulty furnace in the winter. We are breaking down the most common issues so you can identify the problem and keep yourself and your family warm!

Listen for your furnace ignitor

Ever hear a click before your furnace begins heating your home? That’s actually your furnace ignitor firing up. Furnace ignitors became a replacement for the pilot light in modern units. The ignitor either lights a spark that connects to the gas in your furnace or they can also heat without a spark. When the ignitor fails to work, however, your furnace will no longer heat. 

When your furnace stops working, how do you know if the problem you are having has to do with the ignitor? One sign is if the air coming out of the vents in your home is cool instead of warm. This means that the furnace is blowing, but the ignitor likely didn’t spark the heat.

Pay attention to changes in the clicking noise you hear, the frequency with which your furnace turns on, and the temperature of the air. 

Faulty gas valve

Another culprit of a furnace not working properly is a faulty gas valve. Any gas used by your furnace must go through the gas valve. However, sometimes the valve becomes faulty. Unfortunately, if a gas valve stops working properly it may do more than just make you cold. The gas can actually leak and be harmful to you and your family. Because of this, it’s very important that if you suspect an issue with your gas valve you get it looked at or fixed immediately. 

So how do you know if it’s a gas valve issue? There are a few signs to look out for.
1. The furnace shuts down completely and stops blowing any air.
2. The furnace stops blowing warm air and only blows cool air.
3. You smell or notice a gas leak.

While some of these can be caused by other issues within the furnace, a gas leak is most commonly attributed towards an issue with the gas valve. 


Other parts that commonly break

Of course, gas valves and ignitors aren’t the only things that can cause your furnace to stop performing. The thermostat, filters, and pressure switches can also cause your furnace to perform below peak level. 

Be sure to watch, listen and look out for any issues that could cause further damage to your unit or harm your family. 

Trust Surplus City Liquidators

Keep your home cozy all winter long! You can count on Surplus City Liquidators to keep your home warm with new furnace parts. We take pride in our low prices and constantly rotating inventory. We hope you always count on us for your brand-name parts at a reasonable price. 

If you notice your furnace ignitor, gas valve, pressure switch, or any other part seems to be having issues, contact us at (800) 428-4339. We are happy to give you information on how we can help you, what we have in stock, and tell you more about our mission. Remember, when shopping for furnace parts always check with us first!

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When we’re dealing with cold weather and even the more “moderate” months, it’s important for HVAC companies to have the right equipment to keep their clients comfortable. Having a reliable supplier for packaged heat pumps helps ensure you can get every job wrapped up on-time and on-budget. That’s how we can help!


Your Affordable Heat Pumps—Right Here!

All across the country, small business owners face challenges keeping their costs low. And working in the HVAC industry often has the added stress of not being able to keep affordable inventory in stock. There’s no reason to pay outrageous prices for HVAC equipment. When you know where to turn, it’s actually really easy to start saving. 

Surplus City Liquidators gives HVAC companies a better option than going to the dealers.

It’s basically a numbers game. Because of our big buying power, we’re able to keep more heat pumps in stock. This also makes our HVAC equipment more affordable across the board. Since we’re saving upfront, we just pass those savings onto you.

The heat pumps you need. At the fair prices you want.

So many of our customers tell us that we’re making a significant difference in how they grow their business. They’re able to finish heat pump installations faster by shopping with us because we already have what they need on our warehouse shelves. Plus, our prices just can’t be beat. Once they start shopping with us, there’s really no going back. 


Browse Our Packaged Heat Pumps First

You don’t need to waste time checking with local HVAC dealers or scanning the internet to compare prices. Make Surplus City your one-stop shop. Once you see what we’ve got in stock, you’ll find that you can finally keep your overhead low. You won’t be overpaying for heat pumps and other HVAC equipment, which means you can give your own clients better deals and start earning more referrals to help their friends and family too.

  • • New and brand-name heat pumps 
  • • Fast, affordable shipping
  • • Options for same-day, local pickup
  • • Get an edge on the competition
  • • Protect your bottom line, and help your clients save too!

If you aren’t finding what you need on the website, we’re always happy to collaborate with you and check the warehouse floors. We’ll tell you about any new packaged heat pumps we have in stock. Then you can make the call on how to move forward!

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team. That means it’s easy for both HVAC technicians and even those who aren’t as familiar with this equipment to give us a call and talk through their options.


Start Saving with Surplus City Liquidators

Since 1975, we’ve been helping contractors, HVAC companies, property managers, and even homeowners find the HVAC equipment they need at rock-bottom prices. They stay loyal to us because they know our team knows is always working in their best interests. We’re also able to save them time because they don’t need to call around trying to find new equipment. We usually have exactly what they’re looking for—and it’s ready to ship!

We carry all of the major brands and models for HVAC heat pumps. Be sure to call us first. 

Let’s help you cut your costs without sacrificing quality. When you need to buy heat pumps, check with our inventory before you go anywhere else. We’re committed to helping you save. Then you’ll be all set to help your own clients save more and stay warm with their new heat pumps! Call us at (800) 428-4339 to place your next order!

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