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Commercial Rooftop Packaged Units: Shop with Surplus City and Save!


The change in seasons and fluctuating temperatures can hit hard at any moment. No one wants to suffer through hot weather without reliable AC in their building. Obviously the same goes for not having enough heat in winter. So when your HVAC company’s commercial accounts start calling, you may not have what you need on-hand to get the job done.

It could be as simple as a replacement part. But other times, you’ll need to have access to new commercial rooftop packaged units. You might have customers who are ready to upgrade their HVAC equipment to something more efficient. A reliable supplier can help you get exactly what you need—at prices that are actually fair.

Shop Surplus City for Both Light and Large HVAC Applications

Making the correct recommendation is a crucial part of running a successful business. While there are different heating and air conditioning solutions for commercial spaces, going with a rooftop unit (RTU) tends to have a few more advantages over a split system.

Typically, commercial rooftop packaged units will run at quieter levels. Split systems could end up being a real nuisance if people indoors are able to hear the equipment running. Rooftop units also save space. Since all of the heating and cooling components are housed in the same piece of equipment, they can also be easier to install.

As with any type of commercial HVAC equipment, though, an RTU can be a major investment for a property owner. They need to have consistent heating and cooling throughout their building. But they don’t want to overpay for their facility needs. You can help them out by sourcing your equipment from a great supplier.

Checking the Surplus City Liquidators inventory first can help you find the right units at the right price. We have commercial rooftop packaged units for buildings of all sizes. If you can save on your own equipment costs, it becomes a lot easier to pass those discounts along to your clients.

Big Savings for New, Brand-Name Rooftop Units and Parts

Lower prices benefit everyone. They help business owners keep their costs in check, which in turn allows them to stay competitive. Sourcing more affordable RTUs allows you to provide lower installation quotes without eating into your own bottom line. You want to treat your customers right. Surplus City can help you help them!

We buy new, brand-name HVAC equipment that’s surplus stock. This means you get lower rates and a wide selection. Everything is ready to ship. Plus, we have knowledgeable staff to help you find exactly what you need. If you can’t find something on our website, feel free to connect with us directly over the phone. We’ll do everything we can to identify the right-sized rooftop unit for your projects.

Of course it’s not just about total system replacements. You can shop Surplus City for your HVAC replacement parts too. We carry legacy parts and even hard-to-find HVAC parts. Some of our customers even say they’ve found products with us that they didn’t know existed!

Looking for Commercial Rooftop Packaged Units?

We’re receiving new HVAC equipment all the time at Surplus City Liquidators. Check back often to plan ahead for your most common jobs. Or browse our website on a project-by-project basis. Fast shipping and rock-bottom prices can help you get your commercial HVAC service work done quickly and cost-efficiently. We’re here to help you save!

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Protect Your Bottom Line with Affordable Furnace and Air Conditioning Equipment


As the cost of HVAC equipment goes up, the challenge of running a small business can become even more difficult too. You need to protect your bottom line. Not only that, you need to be able to continue treating your customers right.

The solution? Find a reliable supplier that can stick with fair prices. By sourcing truly affordable furnace and air conditioning equipment, it’s easier to finish every service job and installation project on a reasonable budget. And that benefits both you, and your customers.

More Savings—Better for Everyone

Keeping your own costs low helps you stay competitive in a market that’s already competitive enough. When you already provide quality service, the next step is to give your customers the lowest possible quote. Along the way though, you should never have to put your own margins at risk. But that isn’t always easy for larger projects.

No HVAC technician really wants to break the news to a client that their HVAC equipment needs to be replaced. It’s a big investment for any property owner. That’s why you want to make the process as pain-free as possible. Being able to sell them affordable, brand-name equipment can make all the difference. You can build trust with your current customers, and in turn, they’ll want to recommend your company to their friends and family.

Everyone appreciates a good deal. And if the other HVAC companies in your area aren’t willing or able to keep their own equipment costs low, your business is sure to have the edge.

Check Out the Surplus City Inventory First!

There are a handful of reasons why HVAC contractors turn to Surplus City. They repeatedly tell us that they check our website before going anywhere else. Right out of the gate, they were able to get great savings with affordable furnace and air conditioning equipment. There’s no reason to start searching with another supplier when we likely already have what they need.

Our HVAC equipment is new, surplus inventory. You can choose from all of the top brand-name manufacturers—without paying today’s high prices.

What’s more, we’re able to source rare HVAC parts for both residential and commercial HVAC equipment. You can lower the hassle of finishing more complicated service projects because you won’t need to scan through multiple websites online. We have a massive inventory and experienced team members on our warehouse floors too. So you’re not only saving money, you’re also saving time!

Affordable Furnace and Air Conditioning Equipment

Since the beginning, our company’s mission has been to give customers consistently low prices on all of their HVAC equipment and parts. We’re here to support the small business owner.

We know it’s become tougher to find affordable furnace and air conditioning equipment over the years. Fortunately, we’ve been able to stay true to our promise to keep our prices low. Before you check with a local supplier and overpay for your equipment, visit the Surplus City website. We’re always getting new inventory in stock.

If you’d like to speak with someone on our team, just call us at (800) 428-4339. We have the background knowledge to help you find the right HVAC parts for the job. Plus, we’ll be able to check the warehouse floor on your behalf. Let’s partner up and help you and your own customers save. The more often you can give your own customers low costs, the better off everyone can be.

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You always hope that any issues with your HVAC equipment can be handled with a simple repair instead of a full system replacement. But sometimes, you do ultimately need to install a new system altogether.

If the time has finally come to replace your air handler/fancoil unit, you want to make sure you’re making a good long-term investment. Finding a reliable piece of equipment at a fair price will help keep you in the clear!

Affordable Air Handler/Fancoil: New, Brand-Name, and Ready to Ship

Whenever you’re looking for new air handler/fancoil units, be sure to check the inventory at Surplus City Liquidators first. We carry all types of air handler/fancoils, from all of the major manufacturers.

Get the brand-name equipment you need—at fantastic, rock-bottom prices.

The tighter market and supply chain has made it more difficult in recent years for people to get their hands on quality HVAC parts and equipment. Local suppliers have raised their prices, and that’s caused a lot of small business owners to cut into their own profit margins. Our approach and philosophy at Surplus City helps protect against that.

Because we source surplus HVAC equipment, we’re able to buy at extremely discounted rates. Then we pass those savings on to our customers. Whether you’re an HVAC contractor, property manager, or homeowner, shopping with us can help you keep more money in your pocket.

Shop for Your Air Handler/Fancoils and HVAC Replacement Parts with Surplus City

If you’re looking for new, quality HVAC parts and equipment—including air handler/fancoils—browse our inventory before you go anywhere else. It’s time to see how much you can save!

We carry air handler/fancoil units of all sizes, from all types of manufacturers. Browse what we have in stock, and hopefully you’ll find just what you need to get the work done under-budget.

We proudly carry air handler/fancoil units for residential, commercial, and even industrial HVAC applications.

Please feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 428-4339 to speak with a member of our team. We’re always happy to connect.

No matter your familiarity with HVAC equipment or replacement parts, we can help walk you through your options if you can’t find what you need on the website. Let our great customer service, fast shipping, low prices, and massive inventory help you get the job done right!

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Another Success Story: Big Savings for Both Rare and New HVAC Equipment


HVAC contractors all across the country have been experiencing problems with supply issues in recent years. And those setbacks are only continuing to increase. This has motivated business owners to search for a more reliable, affordable supplier outside of their local regions. That’s why Lonnie Mathews, the owner of New Standard Heating and Air, was so relieved to find Surplus City Liquidators.

Since buying his HVAC equipment from Surplus City online, he’s been able to secure much better margins. As a result, his company has been able to stay in the same price range as in previous years for their customers.

Buying from Surplus City is giving them an edge on their competition, and it’s become a major gamechanger for their company growth. The variety of inventory available through Surplus City is allowing New Standard Heating and Air to design some really unique solutions that no one else can offer!

Meet the Customer: New Standard Heating and Air

New Standard Heating and Air is based in Oklahoma, and owner, Lonnie Mathews, has been in the HVAC industry since 1998. He began work as a contractor, and he also has five years of experience working for one of the larger mechanical companies in the United States.

To Mathews, the challenge of finding new solutions is what keeps his work interesting. Most recently, he’s been researching the potential for ultra-efficient equipment. He’s found those systems to be expensive in the past, but shopping with Surplus City is opening new doors.

“I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Mathews. “I worked in a research and development company after I got out of tech school, and so I like being able to do my own research and buy online now. I really enjoy matching the equipment to make it more efficient.”

Working in Oklahoma also comes with its own set of challenges. The weather is constantly changing. It’s not even that strange for New Standard Heating and Air to have heater jobs in the morning and air conditioner service calls that same afternoon.

“I’ve seen 60 degree drops in Oklahoma,” said Mathews. “It can be 35 degrees one day and then 90. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve lived in other places with four seasons. But we don’t have that here—we have summer and we have winter. And sometimes in summer there’s winter and in winter there’s summer.”

In order to meet the demands of customers year-round, it’s crucial to have quality equipment on-hand. Checking the inventory with Surplus City first means New Standard Heating and Air doesn’t have to compromise on quality. There are more choices and the inventory is always changing, so they’re really enjoying the results.

Low Equipment Prices and the Commitment to Quality

Mathews is committed to providing his customers with quality installation service with quality equipment, and all at fair price. He’s in a building-phase with the company and he’s eager to pass savings on to the customer to continue expanding his market. It’s a strategy that pays off both for the short-term and the long-term. Of course, it can only work out when you can keep your own costs low upfront.

“A lot of my local distributors in this area had some price increases over the past year,” said Mathews. “Some of them went up 30% in a year’s time, which made things real difficult for us. We could still compete because other contractors were having to pay the same. But in terms of value for the customer, it was real hard for us to justify an upgrade or change out.”

The low prices have undoubtedly made it easier for New Standard Heating and Air to recommend new equipment to their customers. It’s also helped them keep up with their on-demand work too. Stocking up on equipment helps keep their customers happy because the team is able to wrap up jobs faster.

“We’re maintaining the same prices from 3-4 years ago because we don’t have to pay an extreme or excessive amount,” said Mathews.

Whenever there’s a piece of equipment available through Surplus City that he needs, Mathews automatically gets it because he knows it’s going to be good quality.

The Better, More Reliable Supplier

It didn’t take long for Mathews to realize that Surplus City Liquidators has a different catalog from what he could find anywhere else. Moreover, he’s getting equipment that’s brand-new. The major manufacturers are simply offloading their surplus equipment to Surplus City. This means it’s all brand-new, but that it just wasn’t sold.

“One of my distributors had a new product line,” said Mathews. “And when I called to check about the variable high speed condenser, they didn’t even know what I was talking about.”

The company ended up sourcing the part for Mathews, but then they still didn’t have any matching indoor equipment for it yet.

“But when I got on Surplus City Liquidators, I got the proper air handler and everything else that was correct,” said Mathews. “That condenser actually came in at 21 SEER with some of the changes I made.”

He was able to save himself the trouble of having delays with his orders. Plus, he was able to immediately help his customers save money. It’s just better for business across the board. What’s more, he knows how to get creative with his orders.

Getting the Job Done with Unique Equipment

Having access to equipment that he wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else has helped Mathews beat other competitor prices. He’s already a trusted installer with his clients. Now that he has the opportunity to design unique fits by using some of the units that Surplus City offers, he has even more value to offer his customers.

“I’ve found equipment on the site that I didn’t even know existed or was manufactured,” said Mathews. “So I’m figuring out ways to save money for my customers on installation, like not having to hire an electrician to upgrade the electrical.”

For example, he’s sourced an interesting 1500-V air handler from Surplus City. This allowed him to make a changeout of a gas furnace without needing to have any electrical work done. That’s a win for everyone. It all started with browsing the Surplus City website. There’s always something new to find.

“I didn’t know if one was available,” he said. “I hadn’t seen or heard about them. But then I got on the site and found them. Surplus City has things that I can’t just go to ordinary distributors and get.”

Mathews is typically on the website usually daily, and he estimates that 60-70% of his equipment comes from Surplus City. Because their inventory is so unique, he’s beginning to do more changeouts with different types of energy sources. That’s made work more fun for him, and even better in terms of savings for his clients and his own company growth.

Moving the Company Forward—and Sticking with Surplus City

Lonnie Mathews is enjoying the nature of his work more and more because it’s giving him the opportunity to take on new challenges, save his customers money, and take on certain jobs that other contractors may not be able to do. The company is in growth-mode and Mathews is looking to continue hiring new employees. But he’s not ready to step out of the way yet.

 “We’ve made some pretty good progress,” said Mathews. “Recently, my oldest son came onboard and we’ve taken off more from there. But I’ll always be around.”

Part of that is because he’s excited about this combination of units that he has in the works. Without shopping at Surplus City, though, it wouldn’t be possible to explore his new ideas.

Along the way, he’ll be pursuing a smaller percentage of the customer market and gaining higher margins. He’s been watching the trends with the rising energy prices for both electricity and gas, and he knows a lot of people are looking to save on their energy bills. Even the natural gas price has quadrupled in the past few years. Customers are looking for high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions—and New Standard Heating and Air plans to deliver exactly that!

Surplus City Liquidators is constantly receiving new inventory! Place your order today for local pickup or nation-wide shipping. If you have any questions about the HVAC equipment currently in stock, please don’t hesitate to call the team at (800) 428-4339.

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