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Before the Extreme Weather: Central Heat and Air Units


Everyone knows that different regions have their own weather patterns. You could be working in a standard four-seasons area, or you might be serving clients where the temperatures can drastically change on a day-to-day basis. Either way, you need to be able to quickly source your HVAC equipment from a reliable supplier.

When you shop with Surplus City, it becomes easier than ever to stay on-track. You can finally get the central heat and air units you need to finish each project quickly, while still being cost-effective. It’s time to help everyone stay comfortable—without breaking the bank.

The No-Hassle Way to Address the Problem

No HVAC technician really wants to break the news to a client that their HVAC equipment needs to be replaced. It’s a big investment for any property owner. That’s why you want to keep the process as pain-free as possible. Being able to sell them affordable, brand-name equipment can make all the difference.

Whether it’s a snowstorm on the horizon or a stretch of heatwaves in the summer, Surplus City has what you need to keep your clients’ comfortable all throughout the year. Since we have such a wide array of HVAC parts and central heat and air units in stock, you’re sure to find what you need. Then you can have your order quickly shipped or just come pick it up directly from our warehouses. For some of our customers, making the drive from out-of-town or even another state still ends up saving them a good chunk of change!

We help lower the stress because we don’t keep our customers waiting. Even when the weather is getting brutal, you’ll be able to work efficiently by getting the equipment you need at great prices.

Central Heat and Air Units—Do You Know Where to Shop?

The vast majority of HVAC contractors and small business owners today are wasting money on overpriced equipment. They’re also wasting time by checking multiple websites rather than having a reliable one-stop shop. Once you know that you can count on Surplus City, you’re sure to always check with us first. More likely than not, we’ll have exactly what you need.

Central heat and air units aren’t always easy to find in this market. Fortunately, we can help give you the edge you need to rise above the competition. Small business owners need to watch every dollar they spend. They also want to do right by their clients by giving them a fair quote. If you’ve been struggling to find the right equipment at affordable rates, we can help.

Be the Hero with Affordable Central Heat and Air Units

When you save, you can help your clients save too. Shopping with Surplus City is a win-win for everyone. Browse our inventory online, or call our team at (800) 428-4339 to find the right central heat and air units for your service area.

We make it a point to always have plenty of HVAC equipment and parts stock. What’s more, we’re always looking to sell at the best possible prices. Buying surplus inventory from the manufacturers means we can give you great deals. Let’s partner up before the extreme weather hits. Then you’ll be prepared to address your projects more efficiently, in every season.

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Time to Stock up on Your HVAC System Inventory?


You need to keep the down-time to a minimum. Managing HVAC system tune-ups is one thing, but when you need new HVAC parts or even new equipment to keep your customers comfortable in their space, it’s crucial to have a supplier you can count on. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep that inventory stocked when the supply chain is tight. And matters only get worse when the costs are climbing.

If you’re spending excessive amounts of time and money to source the HVAC equipment you need, know that Surplus City is here to help! Our massive buying power means we have our own warehouses stocked year-round. Then you’re able to find the parts and HVAC system solutions you need in record time—and at low-cost!

HVAC Companies Need to Keep Their Inventory Stocked

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of working efficiently. But when you’re facing delays with replenishing your HVAC system inventory, it throws your entire schedule off-track. Some HVAC companies need to work on a project-by-project basis and only want to order equipment when it’s required for a specific job. Others are more interested in having an array of parts and equipment on-site.

No matter your situation, Surplus City can help you run your company in a way that makes the most sense for you. We already have plenty of HVAC system equipment in-stock. Then you can work at your own pace, without the stress of waiting for your orders to ship. Turn to Surplus City first to get exactly what you need.

You’ve Finally Found Your One-Stop Shop

In this market, affordability is the name of the game. That’s exactly what we deliver. Now that you’re here on our website, you can immediately start browsing through our HVAC system inventory. We carry all of the major manufacturers. Plus, you’ll see that we’re always striving to have rock-bottom prices on all of our brand-new HVAC parts and equipment.

There’s no need to shop around when you have a supplier that’s already got you covered. That’s why HVAC contractors and technicians all across the country check our inventory before going anywhere else. Their local suppliers often come with high prices. There’s also the challenge of sourcing equipment before the competition in their area gets to it first.

Surplus City helps eliminate those headaches. When you find what you need from us, it’s easy to stock up. We’re able to keep our prices low and affordable, so you can buy in bulk, or just order online for whatever project you’re dealing with at the time.

We’ve Got the HVAC System Inventory You Need!

For decades, Surplus City Liquidators has been the go-to supplier for small business owners and teams who are servicing and installing HVAC system solutions. It’s all because we know how to keep our prices low. We buy at discounted rates, and then we pass those savings on to you.

Instead of waiting around for your local distributor to get whatever you need in stock, review our in-stock inventory first. And even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always give us a call at (800) 428-4339.

We have employees on the warehouse floors who will help point you in the right direction. We can work with you to locate a comparable HVAC system from another manufacturer. There’s also the chance that we can let you know what’s just arrived and hasn’t yet been listed on the website. Either way, we’re here to help you save!

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Summer weather is great for outdoor activities and backyard get-togethers. But a little bit of shade isn’t usually enough to truly beat the heat!

Homeowners and commercial property owners need reliable air conditioners that can keep up with their cooling demands all season long. That’s why HVAC contractors and companies all across the country trust Surplus City to have the equipment they need. With the supply chain as tight as it is and prices continuing to rise, you can count on our inventory to let you get the job done—at affordable rates, and on-time.

Get the Affordable Air Conditioners You Need for Clients

No one wants to overpay for their HVAC equipment. We all want to feel like we’re getting a good deal, and equipment that’s going to work as promised for years to come.

This industry is already competitive enough. Don’t let the cost of air conditioners make you miss out on new work. When it’s time for you to replace your clients’ air conditioners, are you able to quote them a price that will beat the other companies in your area?

Turn to Surplus City! We have rock-bottom prices on all of the HVAC equipment you need.

We sell brand-name, brand-new air conditioners that come directly from the manufacturers. Because we have the buying power to purchase their surplus inventory, we’re able to keep our warehouses stocked with plenty of options. You don’t necessarily need to go with the “latest model.” Buy your air conditioners at a discounted rate, and then you can start passing on more savings to your clients!

Air Conditioners to Help Out Small HVAC Business Owners

You don’t want to watch your expenses climb. The easiest way to keep them in-check is to source HVAC equipment that’s actually cost-efficient. Instead of sticking with your local dealers or spending hours online to find the right air conditioners, make Surplus City your one-stop shop. Then everyone wins.

It’s not just about offering great deals for your clients. You also need to watch your own expenses and timelines.

Good small business owners want to be the hero for their clients. Instead of compromising your service expenses, just help your clients save up-front on the equipment itself. New air conditioners are notorious for being expensive. But when you know where to shop, you can start to lower those expenses, or even cut the costs in half. That gives you more flexibility to have stronger, competitive quotes.

What’s more, you need to be able to source your air conditioners quickly. Make sure your clients stay cool with equipment that’s ready to ship from your distributor. Once you discover the difference with Surplus City, there’s really no going back!

Surplus City Has the Inventory You Need—in Stock

It seems like now more than ever, small business owners are struggling to get their hands on the HVAC equipment they need. Shopping with Surplus City gives you a leg up.

·      Affordable prices on air conditioners

·      Local pick-up and cross-country shipping

·      Support team standing by

If you need help weighing your options, you can always call us toll-free at 1-800-428-4339. We have knowledgeable staff members who can answer your questions and give you a better idea of what we have in stock and what will be appropriate for your jobs. Every project is different. Let’s partner up to find you exactly what you need to protect your bottom-line and treat your own clients right!

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