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Commercial HVAC Equipment—Save with Surplus


As an HVAC contractor, securing commercial projects can be a meaningful way to boost business. The major HVAC equipment you need for commercial sites needs to be both reliable and affordable. But if you’re stuck buying expensive equipment for the job, your company won’t be able to protect your margins.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is the solution. We have commercial HVAC equipment that’s priced right for you—as well as your customers who are managing large facilities. When you can save on the upfront costs, it’s a win for everyone!

Surplus Savings on Commercial HVAC Equipment

All across the country, HVAC equipment costs have only continued to rise. It doesn’t usually make sense to stick with a local supplier when the competition for that inventory is fierce. There might be larger HVAC companies in the area swiping up the inventory. And even if the prices are high, those larger companies might be willing to pay the high costs because they have a different type of business model.

When you want to treat your customers right, though, marking up the cost of your commercial HVAC equipment to an extreme degree isn’t the best course of action. We have plenty of smaller business owners who specifically shop with us because they know they can get a better deal and be fair in their level of service across the board.

It’s all about protecting your bottom line without taking advantage of your customer’s own budget. Sourcing brand-name, new commercial HVAC equipment that’s actually affordable helps make your company more competitive by lowering expenses.

Buying surplus inventory from the leading HVAC manufacturers is a great way for small businesses owners to get an edge in the market. That’s why they come to Surplus City. You get the commercial HVAC equipment you need, without the ridiculously high price tag.

Pick Up and Shipping Options Makes Getting Your Order Easy

Our convenient location outside of Indianapolis is a great central hub for orders all throughout the Midwest and beyond. What’s more, our customers also have the option for local pickup. Even if you aren’t based in the Indianapolis area, you can get additional savings by loading up your own trailers.

That being said, many of our customers find that even with the shipping fees, they still end up with significant savings. They’re keeping their own costs low, which means they can pass those savings along to their customers and stay more competitive in the market with better quotes.

Place Your Order Today—with Surplus City!

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies has employees that are always happy to speak with your HVAC technicians to identify what they need. To learn more about what we currently have in stock, just browse our website! Or give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We’d love to help you save!

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Stock Up Before the Seasons Change!


Whether it’s spring moving into summer or the autumn days gradually cooling down for winter, good HVAC companies always need to think ahead. Helping your customers schedule routine maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that their heating and cooling systems will last longer. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that no piece of equipment can last forever.

Companies that already have the right inventory on-hand are in a better position to keep their customers happy and comfortable all throughout the year. Don’t keep them waiting. It’s easy to get the installation scheduled right away when you have the equipment needed.

Affordable Inventory for a Better Investment

From energy-efficient heat pumps to reliable, brand-name air conditioning solutions, Surplus City has you covered. Every region in the country has its own type of climate. When you know what your customers rely on most, it can make a lot of sense to stock up on the right HVAC equipment in advance.

Unfortunately, for so many small businesses, keeping a supply of their most popular equipment hasn’t always been easy. High prices might be causing you to make your purchases one at a time. But with fair pricing, it can be more strategic to buy in bulk.

The HVAC Equipment Your Company Needs—Priced Right

Imagine saving 50% or more on the HVAC equipment you need year-round. It suddenly becomes more realistic to hold onto those heating and cooling systems in your own warehouses, ready for a quick installation. Minimal downtime for your customers is just better business. You get to wrap the projects up faster, which means you’ll get your invoices out and paid faster.

Even better, working with a quick turnaround time can give you a great edge for securing new referrals. And being able to help your customers save on those equipment costs is often the deciding factor for them to choose your company in the first place.

Shop with Surplus City to Get Ahead of the Game

We’ve heard of customers in the Midwest who get calls for furnace repairs early in the week, just to have service needs for cooling systems a few days later. The weather can be that unpredictable! It helps to get ahead of the game and stock up on quality HVAC equipment whether you’re heading into a new season or just dealing with dramatic temperature changes.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies has loyal customers who are based around the world. They repeatedly tell us that the savings they find with us are just too good to pass up. That’s why they’re eager to build their inventory in advance. Making the investment now helps them stay on the ball—especially before the harsher weather hits.

It’s all about planning in advance. If you have a specific HVAC manufacturer or models that your customers like most, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 428-4339 to learn about whether we have that equipment in stock. We’re receiving new orders into our warehouses all the time, and we’d love to help your technicians get in the best position possible. We want you to be able to act fast for new equipment installation projects—with rock-bottom prices that will help your company get ahead!


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Good HVAC contractors are always looking for ways to help their customers save on their heating and cooling solutions. That means sourcing the best, energy-efficient equipment that also comes with a great price.

Today’s technology with mini-split systems can definitely help with some long-term savings. That being said, the upfront equipment costs aren’t always budget-friendly. But when you know where to source your HVAC equipment, giving your customers a great deal on their new mini-split becomes easier than ever. You won’t need to cut into your own profits just to keep your quote competitive. Shopping with Surplus City makes it more affordable to get everything you need for a smart solution!

Energy-Efficient Mini-Splits from Surplus City

One of the best things about ductless mini-splits is that they’re scalable. If the heating and cooling process has trouble in only one room in the house, a mini-split is a great way to quickly correct the problem without a significant jump in energy costs.

In a lot of cases, it’s great to have central heating and cooling. But when you only need to address a smaller area, a mini-split is usually the way to go.

Mini-splits can easily be 25 to 35 percent more efficient than other HVAC setups. As one example, homeowners won’t need to crank up their heating or cooling in an attempt to correct the temperature in an isolated space. Because indoor mini-splits are mounted right in that “problem spot,” they’re typically used to supplement existing heating and cooling equipment. Then each individual indoor unit can then take care of its own “zone.”

Once an HVAC company and their customer decide to go with a mini-split solution, the next step is to make sure they’re installing a system that will be the right size for the job.

At Surplus City, we stock a variety of indoor heat pumps and mini-split air conditioning units.

Just browse our inventory and find the BTU capacity that will help your customers get a truly energy-efficient solution. The mini-splits from the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers will regularly have a 20+ SEER rating for their cooling efficiency, as well as a 10+ HSPF rating on the heating efficiency. It’s a win-win all around, especially when you’re buying from Surplus City!

Affordable Indoor Heat Pump and Indoor A/C Options

Installing or repairing a central HVAC system isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. Fortunately, ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps are both reliable and affordable. Plus, you can get even more savings when you get your equipment from a surplus HVAC supplier.

We source ductless mini-split systems directly from the manufacturer. And because we buy in bulk, we’re able to get big discounts and pass them onto our customers.

Our business model is designed to help everyone save money. Unlike many local HVAC suppliers, we have plenty of inventory spread throughout multiple warehouses. We’re always looking to give our customers rock-bottom prices.

Shop with Surplus City—See How Much You Can Save!

We understand the struggles that smaller HVAC companies can experience with their equipment costs. When you’re competing with larger companies in your area, you need a way to get an edge. It’s just better business to find ways to save on your upfront costs. That’s how we can help!

If you have any questions about the ductless mini-splits we currently have in stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We’re bringing in new inventory all the time and we’re committed to helping our customers get exactly what they need.

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Surplus City for Affordable Trane HVAC Equipment


Whether your company has been loyal to Trane for decades, or you’re simply getting new customers who already have Trane equipment installed, Surplus City HVAC & Supplies can help you get your hands on the Trane HVAC repair parts and equipment you need to get the job done quickly—and correctly.

The One-Stop Shop for HVAC Technicians

Not only do HVAC technicians need to source Trane equipment that’s reliable, you also need to pay attention to affordability. This isn’t just for your own benefit as a small business owner. Being able to save money on your heating and cooling equipment upfront allows you to provide better savings for your own customers too. Knowing where to shop to get a good deal is a win-win for everyone.

Our inventory at Surplus City HVAC & Supplies includes equipment from all of today’s leading HVAC manufacturers, including Trane. We’re proud to carry brand-new systems, and more importantly, we love being able to help small business owners save money on their orders. Once you get a look at our discounts, it’s easy to see why HVAC companies want to browse our inventory before shopping anywhere else.

Discounted Trane Equipment and Repair Parts

Since every HVAC manufacturer has their own unique production methods, it’s important to have access to both Trane parts as well as other brands. If you already have a good supply of Trane equipment, then you can be one step ahead of the game for your customers. But when you’re faced with a challenge because you don’t have a specific part for the repair, our vast selection of inventory can help. We keep our warehouses loaded with both Trane parts and brand-new Trane heating and cooling equipment to help you get both repair jobs and new installation projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

At Surplus City, we’re all about providing discounts to our customers. That includes Trane equipment. Because the HVAC industry is constantly evolving with more energy-efficient models, it can be difficult to rely on generic HVAC repair parts across brands. Manufacturers are getting more specialized, and like other brands, Trane is putting out their own unique parts.

Whenever you’re looking for Trane-branded parts in particular or even repair parts for another lesser-known manufacturer, we’re here to help! We’re constantly receiving new inventory into our warehouses; and we make our purchases in bulk, directly from the manufacturer. That massive buying gets us big savings right out of the gate. Since we’re able to save, we pass those savings on Trane equipment on to you.

Find Out How Much You Can Save!

At Surplus City, we’re always looking to give small business owners an edge. The competition in this industry can be fierce, and we know that smaller HVAC companies need a way to save on their upfront costs. There’s no reason to overpay, and that’s why we don’t mark our prices up to extreme degrees. Browse our inventory first, then start running the numbers. Our low prices can help you stock up on all of the Trane equipment you need.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is based out of central Indiana, and we have customers located all across the country. If you’re local, come swing by our warehouses. Or just place your order online and we’ll get it shipped out fast, no matter where you’re located!

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Why HVAC Companies Shop with Surplus City


With over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space, shopping for HVAC equipment with Surplus City HVAC & Supplies gives small business owners and independent contractors a leg up on just about any project. Whether it’s hard-to-find HVAC parts or brand-new equipment that’s actually affordable, customers around the world check with us before going anywhere else.

Get Rock-Bottom Prices on New HVAC Equipment

Our approach at Surplus City is to source HVAC equipment that’s new and reliable, all while keeping our prices low for our customers. We’re able to do this because of our massive buying power. We source large orders of HVAC equipment which means that we’re getting big savings upfront. Then we pass those discounts onto you! When you save upfront on your own equipment costs, then you’ll be able to consistently give your own customers a better deal.

From new HVAC equipment installations to repair parts, we’ve got a wide selection of inventory to help you finish any heating and cooling project in a cost-effective way. Some customers say they check our inventory daily. We have a massive online catalog of HVAC equipment and new shipments are coming in all the time. What’s more, everything is priced right. If you shop around, you might find that other suppliers will charge you 50% more—or even higher—for what you’ll find with us.

Browse Inventory from the Major Manufacturers

We purchase from all of the major HVAC equipment manufacturers. So more likely than not, we’ll be able to help you find exactly what you need, whether that’s a specific repair part for a particular model, or even a comparable piece from another manufacturer. Along with our low prices, this is a key reason why we’ve become the go-to supplier for so many HVAC companies.

If you ever have any questions about our inventory, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339.

The HVAC Equipment You Need—Shipped Fast

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is based in central Indiana, and that makes us a central hub for shipping. We also give local customers the option to swing by our warehouses to pick up their orders directly. Some customers even drive in from out of state to get their HVAC equipment! They tell us that our prices are so low that it’s worth the trip. They’re still saving money even with the drive time, while other customers are still saving money despite the shipping costs. Calling up their local HVAC equipment suppliers just doesn’t make sense anymore. They’ve found a long-term solution for protecting their bottom line by shopping with us.

Save time and save money. Make Surplus City your one-stop shop and get the equipment that you need quickly, so you can finish your jobs on-time or even ahead of your planned schedule.

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Like furnaces and heat pumps, boilers work to help maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Yet boiler equipment isn’t always as easy to find as other heating systems. That’s why HVAC companies across the country turn to Surplus City HVAC & Supplies. We have the boilers you need—and everything is priced right to help protect your bottom line!

Efficient Furnaces and Boilers for Sale

When your customers use boilers for their heating, they obviously want equipment that’s both reliable and affordable. By shopping with Surplus City, you can help them get exactly what they need, without dipping into your own profits. We have new, brand-name boilers in stock, and we’re receiving new shipments from the leading HVAC manufacturers all the time.

Whether you need gas-fired boilers or new oil-fired boilers, check the Surplus City inventory first!

Sometimes the solution for a repair will be as simple as adjusting the boiler controls to provide the right amount of water for the equipment. Other times, you’ll need to order boiler repair parts or even a new system altogether. We make it easy to find energy-efficient boilers.

As your one-stop shop, we help everyone working on the project save time and money.

Need Retrofit Boilers? Or Boiler Repair Parts?

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with how boilers actually function. And while they don’t necessarily need a detailed explanation about the equipment on an intricate level, it’s still important for HVAC technicians to convey the basic functions to help build trust. Being able to explain how the different boiler parts work makes it easier to move forward with your repairs and new boiler installations.

A combustion-efficiency test can help determine whether it’s time to shop for boiler repair parts or brand-new equipment.

Honest communication is a crucial part of any successful business. For these types of projects, the essential information is that boilers turn water into steam and that most boilers operate on a closed loop system. There’s already water inside of the boiler, which means they don’t need to continually use new water. The boiler just heats the water by a combustion chamber. The steam can then be used with a radiant heat system, or even to heat the plumbing pipes within the walls. Boilers can be extremely efficient systems for heating a building. But older systems can be made even better with a few upgrades.

Retrofitting boilers is a great way to increase the system efficiency and heat the building more affordably.

In order to retrofit boilers, the existing equipment should still be in reasonably good condition. Even then, the costs associated with boiler retrofits may not always make sense for the long run. Taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of a boiler retrofit vs a new boiler system helps ensure that you’re providing customers with the best possible solution.

When You Shop with Surplus City, Everyone Saves!

Buying directly from the manufacturer usually means you’ll get stuck with outrageous prices. Since we buy our HVAC equipment in bulk, we’re able to secure great discounts. Then we pass those savings onto our customers.

From gas-fired boilers and oil boilers, to new HVAC equipment and repair parts for the most popular equipment, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for—our team is here to help: (765) 482-7000.

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