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HVAC Equipment: In-Stock and Ready-to-Ship


It isn’t always easy for small HVAC business owners to find affordable, brand-new heating and cooling systems locally. Fortunately, you can rely on Surplus City to give you great prices on all of your orders. We ship all across the country, as well as internationally.

Supply and Demand for New HVAC Equipment

As the cost of HVAC equipment continues to climb, it can be a real challenge for smaller HVAC companies to protect their profit margins. Even worse, there’s also the chance that some of the larger HVAC companies in your area could be buying up the local inventory. Before you have a chance to stock up yourself, they might be clearing out the entire supply—even at the outrageous prices.

You need to be able to give your customers great value with cost-effective service in order to stay competitive in the market. But with fewer options available, the cost of buying new HVAC equipment only gets higher and higher. It all comes down to supply and demand. You need a reliable supplier that already has a wide selection of affordable inventory in-stock. We can help!

At Surplus City, our massive buying power allows us to purchase directly from the manufacturer and keep costs low. Because we’re securing our own discounts upfront, we can pass more savings onto you. Then you can share those discounts with your own customers!

Offering more competitive quotes helps you secure new business. More importantly, you’ll be working with brand-name and brand-new HVAC equipment and repair parts. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. We carry all of the major manufacturers. That way, you can easily stick with your preferred HVAC equipment brand. Or other times, you can switch things up to help your customers save even more money on their heating and cooling solutions.

Fast Shipping to Finish All Types of Projects

For too long, small business owners have been taking a hit to their bottom line because they’ve ended up paying more than they should for their customers’ HVAC equipment. We’re here to change all of that.

Whether you’re working on a residential heating and cooling project or you need commercial heating and cooling solutions, we likely have exactly what you need in stock. Our warehouse space spans over 600,000 square feet, and we’re constantly receiving new inventory.

Some business owners assume that their only option is to buy their HVAC equipment locally. Once they realize they can buy from Surplus City, they wish they had known about us all along, right when they started their company. We’re often way more affordable than the local distributors. Plus, being based out of central Indiana means we’re right in the middle of a great hub for national and international shipping. 

Reduce the Downtime—Shop with Surplus City!

Surplus City is the go-to source for people to secure big savings on their HVAC equipment because we have a wide selection, rock-bottom prices, and convenient shipping.

We’ve been helping HVAC contractors and technicians, property managers, and homeowners get their hands on affordable heating and cooling solutions since 1975, and we’re here to help you too! If you have any questions about what we have in stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. Let’s see how much you can save!

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Central Heating Repairs—We’ve Got Your Parts!


Why replace when you can repair? Every good HVAC business owner knows how important it is to help your customers save. Making a quick repair can get their HVAC equipment to last longer so they don’t need to pay for a full system upgrade. Plus, regular maintenance will help ensure that their equipment runs as efficiently as possible to keep their energy costs low.

Whether you’re looking for heat exchangers or blower motors, we can help. Our warehouses are stocked with all types of new and brand-name parts for your customers’ central heating repairs and other HVAC equipment needs. Check out the Surplus City website and just browse by manufacturer, or by the type of repair part itself. We make it easy to save!

The One-Stop-Shop for HVAC Equipment and Supplies

You need to complete your projects quickly in order to keep your customers comfortable in their space. But when you don’t have a reliable supplier, it’s hard to have a streamlined schedule. Shopping around for HVAC repair parts can waste hours of time throughout the week. That’s why HVAC companies check the Surplus City inventory first. Our selection gives you tons of options to choose from—all on one single website.

By having Surplus City as your one-stop-shop, you give yourself an edge for a better bottom line. Since you’re keeping your own costs low on the repair parts, you won’t necessarily need to raise your rates on the labor in order to increase your profits. You’ll automatically improve your margins with the big discounts you’re getting upfront on your HVAC supplies.

Central Heating Repair Parts from Surplus City

At Surplus City, our entire mission is to help you get great deals on all of your HVAC parts and equipment orders. You could go directly to the manufacturer or a local distributor for your HVAC repair parts. But then you typically end up paying more than you really should.

When you see the discounts you can get with our prices, you’ll realize it’s a win for everyone. Not only are you cutting your own costs, you’re also getting the opportunity to pass better savings onto your own clients. The HVAC market has always been competitive. Give your company an edge by offering better quotes for your central heating projects, repairs, and more.

Ready for Great Savings on HVAC Parts?

If you want to get the work done with affordable parts, come shop with Surplus City and save. We have the selection you need to boost your profits. Even better, we can ship orders of all sizes. Since we’re located right outside of Indianapolis, we’re in a great central spot for convenient shipping options.

We receive new inventory all the time, and many of our customers make it a point to check our website often, or even daily. Find what you need, stock up, and then keep your company’s repair schedule on-track. Our selection makes it so much easier to grow your business, just by cutting your upfront costs!

To learn more about the central heating equipment and other repair parts that we have in stock, give our team a call at (800) 428-4339. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

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Without the proper equipment maintenance, it’s not uncommon for property owners to have trouble with their heating and cooling equipment right at the start of a new season. They hope it’s just a matter of swapping out a few HVAC parts to get their system back up and running. But other times, their older equipment may need to be replaced altogether. That’s why it’s great to be able to use an all-in-one, energy-efficient system. Whenever possible, packaged heat pumps are a great way to go.

The Comfort and Convenience of Packaged Heat Pumps

Today’s packaged heat pump models are much more efficient than what the manufacturers were delivering 15 and 20 years ago. So when you already have a homeowner who has been living with a packaged heat pump, helping them upgrade to a newer system doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone wants to work with a quality HVAC technician who is also looking to help them save.

Upgrading their HVAC equipment to energy-efficient packaged heat pumps helps homeowners save money year-round.

Going with an all-electric packaged heat pumps also works to streamline the installation process. They’re typically easier to hook up than a HVAC split system, which means there’s less downtime for the homeowner. Even better, the solutions can make a significant impact in reducing emissions compared to other equipment.

Check Our Packaged Heat Pump Inventory First

Welcoming the changing seasons in a mild climate may not lead to significant shifts in your heating and cooling expenses. But every dollar counts, which means that energy-efficient HVAC equipment will always be appealing. Along with that, property owners also need their heating and cooling equipment itself to be affordable. Because if that upfront investment is already overpriced, then how much are you really saving?

Surplus City is the trusted HVAC equipment supplier for all types of heating and cooling projects.

If you’re servicing equipment in an area with mild winters, a packaged heat pump can be the smartest solution. But the catch is that you need to be able to actually source the equipment—and have it be affordable!

Find Great, Discounted Prices with Surplus City

Getting an all-in-one system for heating and cooling can be a fantastic solution for homeowners to save on their energy costs all throughout the year. But to push those savings even further, you want to be sure to source an affordable packaged heat pump for the installation itself.

When you save on your company’s upfront costs, you can pass great savings onto your customers too!

Come shop with Surplus City to see how much you and your own customers can save. It’s time to stop shelling out money for overpriced equipment. We have affordable packaged heat pumps in stock, and we’re here to protect your bottom-line.

The HVAC companies that can offer affordable heating and cooling equipment are far more likely to secure new business for both repairs and installations. Let Surplus City help give you an edge. We’re receiving brand-new packaged heat pumps all the time, and we’re always looking to help our customers save money on their HVAC equipment orders. Just give us a call at (800) 428-4339 to learn more about what we have in stock. We’re here to help!

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