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Find New American Standard HVAC Equipment with Surplus City


With today’s technology, there are dozens of high-quality HVAC equipment manufacturers to choose from. Yet it’s only natural for contractors and homeowners to find themselves leaning toward one brand of equipment over another. Whether you’re specifically looking for new American Standard HVAC equipment or you’re still comparing your options, Surplus City is here to help.

American Standard HVAC Product Lines

The American Standard brand is highly regarded in the HVAC industry and continues to receive great reviews year over year. The company is known for building units that are reliable, and the equipment is often considered a great choice for harsher climates. Even better, American Standard units come in a variety of sizes, which means that there are energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions available for all types of properties.

AIR CONDITIONERS – American Standard offers single, two, and variable speed options with their air conditioner models. These units can have SEER ratings of up to 22, and certain Platinum Series models come with an AccuComfort feature that allows the system to make self-adjustments and improve their efficiency ratings even more.

HEAT PUMPS –Like their air conditioners, American Standard heat pumps also come with single, two, and variable speed options. The latest heat pump models from American Standard can have SEER ratings of up to 20, and AccuComfort technology is offered on the Platinum Series models.

GAS FURNACES – American Standard makes roughly one dozen gas furnace models, with options for both single-stage and two-stage heating. Their equipment has SEER ratings of up to 97.3 percent for gas furnaces, and they even have models that can connect with a heat pump!

New American Standard Equipment for Sale

When homeowners already have a preference for using American Standard heating and cooling equipment, suggesting an upgrade to a newer model within the same brand can make a lot of sense. The catch, though, is that no one wants to overpay for new equipment. That’s why HVAC companies, property managers, contractors, homeowners and house flippers world-wide decide to check the inventory at Surplus City first.

Our massive buying power allows us to secure big savings with today’s leading HVAC equipment manufacturers, including American Standard. Not only that, we make sure to keep our warehouses stocked year-round. We have over 600,00 square feet of warehouse space, and plenty of equipment for sale that’s priced right and ready to ship!

Protect Your Bottom Line with Surplus City

Surplus City Liquidators is proud to source brand-new American Standard equipment, along with products from other leading HVAC equipment manufacturers too. From top-quality heating and cooling equipment to replacement HVAC parts, we’re here to give our customers rock-bottom prices.

Before you shop anywhere else, be sure to check our inventory for great deals on new HVAC equipment. We love being able to give small business owners in the HVAC industry a leg up on their competitors. The more you can save upfront on your equipment costs, the more savings you can pass onto your own clients—all while continuing to grow your profits.

If you have any questions about our American Standard HVAC equipment in stock or other HVAC parts and units for sale, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We’re here to help you save!

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HVAC Contractors: Best Practices for Your Bottom Line


The HVAC industry is well-known for having a high number of family-owned businesses. But whether you’re the first-generation owner or you’re carrying on a relative’s legacy, there will always be challenges related to your company’s bottom line.

Even experienced HVAC technicians and business owners run into trouble from time to time. The industry is constantly evolving and equipment costs can quickly add up without the right practices in place. Good business management will help protect your budget as you grow your team and serve new and existing clients. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help fuel even greater success!

Building the Right Team of Technicians

High-quality customer service is arguably the most critical part of growing a business. In order to provide that, you need a solid team of professionals.

If your HVAC company has grown to the point of needing more employees, it’s always a good idea to have a long-term vision for retention. Team culture and fair compensation make all the difference for keeping quality technicians and admins on-staff.

That being said, some of the best business advice is to make sure you don’t grow too fast! It may sound counterintuitive at first, but it’s important to have the best possible team members and HVAC equipment supplier lined up in advance. You don’t want to be taking on new projects if you’ve already fallen behind with your current customers or haphazardly hiring new employees who don’t actually align with your company’s core values.

Along with that, you also don’t want to be scrambling for equipment or paying outrageous prices for any repair parts you need. That’s how Surplus City can help.

Get Affordable HVAC Equipment—Delivered Fast

When HVAC business owners are preparing to take on new work, they shop with us to find the brand-new and brand-name equipment they need to get the job done. All over the world, it’s been getting harder to find high-quality HVAC equipment. But with our company’s buying power, we’re able to source high-quality HVAC parts and equipment affordably, directly from the manufacturer. Then we can pass big savings onto you!

The other benefit of shopping with Surplus City is that we’re based outside of a great shipping hub. Our location in Central Indiana allows us to coordinate affordable shipping options for customers. In addition, the orders you place will be for items that are actually on our warehouse shelves and ready to ship. You won't be dealing with backorders, which means fewer delays for getting your projects wrapped up in a timely manner.

Shop Surplus City and Continue to Grow

The best way to protect your bottom line is to start at square one. Shop with Surplus City to keep your own costs low. From there, you’ll be able to keep more profits in your pocket.

When you know how to guard your profits and grow at a steady pace, you’re well on your way to set your business up for success. Just find what you need through our online catalog and place your order.

Surplus City ships internationally, and our customers even have the option to pick up their orders directly from our warehouses. If you have any questions about what we currently have in stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339.

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HVAC technicians know the struggle of shopping for a new natural gas or propane furnace that’s actually affordable and sized-right for their customer. But at Surplus City, we’re looking to change that. Small business owners throughout the world can get an edge over their local competition by shopping our inventory first.

Affordability Is the Name of the Game

Our mission is all about creating situations that are a win-win for anyone needing to make a new purchase for natural gas or propane furnaces, HVAC parts, and other equipment. When our customers save, they’re in a better position to share those great deals, treat their own customers right, and continue earning new business.

Surplus City helps everyone save. Keep your own costs low, then pass the discounts down to your customers!

We’re proud to have a loyal customer base at Surplus City, and our team is always glad to hear that we’re helping our customers save two, three, or even four times as much on their HVAC equipment by shopping with us instead of an overpriced supplier they may have been using in the past.

Find the natural gas or propane furnace you need right here. We can help your business stay on track.

There’s no reason to overpay. Securing lower costs for your equipment helps all aspects of your company thrive. So when you find great deals on your favorite HVAC equipment, don’t let those savings pass you by—feel free to stock up!

Looking for Energy-Efficient Natural Gas or Propane Furnaces?

As the weather gets colder, homeowners and landlords will often start considering ways to keep their property more comfortable and energy-efficient. They rely on their HVAC technicians to perform system check-ups throughout the year and answer their service calls. Typically the heating equipment only needs a quick repair. Other times, though, repairing the system simply doesn’t make sense for the long-term.

Regular maintenance is a must for top performance. But no piece of equipment can last forever.

If it’s time for your customers to upgrade their HVAC equipment, our wide selection of new, brand-name natural gas or propane furnaces can help you finish the job on-time and on-budget. Even better, your customers can start getting some valuable savings on their energy costs by moving to a more efficient system.

New Naturdal Gas or Propane Furnaces—In Stock at Surplus City

Since 1975, we’ve been supplying professionals within the HVAC industry and homeowners with affordable, brand-name equipment and parts. Whether you’re working on a residential, commercial, or industrial heating and cooling project, be sure to check with our inventory first!

If you have any questions about what we have in stock, please call (800) 428-4339.

With over 600,000 square feet of warehouse space, we’re able to supply both HVAC technicians and homeowners with exactly what they need to get their heating and cooling systems back on track. Our discounted prices and convenient shipping options have made us the go-to HVAC equipment supplier for people across the United States and even internationally.

We’re constantly receiving new shipments of brand-new equipment and HVAC parts into our warehouse. Along with that, we’re constantly updating the inventory listings on our website too! Be sure to come back often to check out our selection of propane furnaces for sale. Surplus City is the budget-friendly solution for just about any type of job!

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