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Need Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment? Shop Surplus City!


If you need heating & air conditioning equipment quickly, and want to avoid the stress of getting stuck with high prices, then we’ve got you covered! At Surplus City, we’re committed to providing our customers with rock-bottom prices for all of their HVAC parts and equipment needs. Start shopping our inventory to see what’s new in stock. We’re here to help you save—and more!

Top 5 Benefits of Surplus City HVAC & Supplies

When you uncover all of the benefits of shopping with Surplus City HVAC & Supplies, it’s easy to see why we’re the one-stop shop for HVAC technicians and property owners. Whether you’re based in the United States or abroad, we’ve got everything you need to finish up your heating & air projects.

1. Affordability Redefined

We want to protect your bottom line, and that’s part of why our customers keep coming back. Affordability is our mission, and we’ve been able to deliver just that without ever compromising on quality. Run the numbers for yourself. Compare our prices with your local dealers and see the difference. We’re proud to sell new, unused equipment and parts at a fraction of the price you’d find anywhere else. Shop with us, and start seeing those savings add up!

2. Discover Compatible Equipment

Why replace when you can repair? The decision process on whether to buy an entire unit becomes unnecessary when you’re able to find that one crucial component. Our inventory can get you there. With parts from all of today’s leading manufacturers, plus hard-to-find parts, we likely have just what you need on our shelves. Shop with us and save money by finally getting your hands on rare parts.

3. Immediate Availability

Whether you prefer browsing our extensive online catalog or exploring items in-person at one of our showrooms, we’re in business to get you the products you need quickly, so you can get your jobs done promptly.

Local customers can often visit our site the same day; and our strategic locations in Central Indiana and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area ensure quick and affordable shipping options for those further away, and even overseas.

4. Options for Repair or New Installations

Surplus City caters to both ends of the spectrum, offering replacement parts and complete unit replacements for new installations. Our inventory spans the entire range, from small miscellaneous parts to large commercial and industrial heating & air conditioning equipment. We have the full range, making us even more of a fit for contractors who do it all!

5. Customer Service Excellence

Questions? We've got answers. At Surplus City, we are invested in helping you find exactly what you need to finish your project efficiently. Feel free to peruse our online inventory or give our team a call. We even have an online chat feature to help answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for a cost-effective solution. Reach out to us via message or call us toll-free at 1-800-428-4339 to learn more!

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Unlock Exceptional Value with Brand-New, Discount HVAC Equipment


There’s real value in unlocking better savings for everyone. For HVAC technicians and contractors, it means winning more projects and beating out your competitions. For property owners, it’s having extra money to put toward other important repairs and upgrades. Let Surplus City help get you there.

Cost-Effective HVAC Solutions

Dealing with multiple suppliers and wholesalers can get complicated quickly. Not to mention, it’s time-consuming and expensive. You need a one-stop shop that can give you great deals every time. That’s how Surplus City shines.

Our vast selection of inventory caters to HVAC needs for residential, commercial, and even industrial-size properties. Not only that, our heating and cooling equipment and parts are brand-new and priced to sell. Here, you not only find fair prices on trusted brand-name products, you also save yourself the headache of having to hunt through multiple sites online. We get new inventory in stock all the time, and our website is constantly getting updated to reflect the new products we have in the warehouse. Get the true cost-effective advantage!

Become the Hero for Your Clients

If you’re a small business owner in the HVAC world, then you understand the challenge of finding cost-effective HVAC equipment and parts. We’re here to make that mission easier than ever for you. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Partnering with Surplus City simplifies the HVAC installation and repair process because you get a streamlined solution for sourcing your parts and equipment. Not only are those savings crucial for attracting new clients, you also get the benefit of being able to finish up projects quicker, because we can get equipment to you faster.

Going directly to the manufacturer for your orders could have you dealing with backorders and delays. But with us, what you see online is actually in-stock and ready to ship. You get access to the necessary parts, and they’re even better because you’re getting discount prices on brand-new inventory. That means you can offer substantial savings compared to other contractors.

Being the hero for your customers requires you to deliver quality service at a reasonable cost. Imagine saving a customer thousands by repairing their HVAC unit instead of running the numbers for a complete replacement. Or if it truly is time for new HVAC equipment, how about quoting them for a system that’s still thousands below the competition? Then you can really be the hero, and provide quality work at a reasonable rate. That’s the best type of word-of-mouth marketing.

Ready for Unbeatable Savings?

Whether your project requires an older part or you need a modern, energy-efficient system, Surplus City is proud to carry a wide selection of parts and HVAC equipment. Our expansive inventory is strategically distributed across our warehouses, with prices consistently below dealer quotes. We're committed to helping you emerge as the hero for all your projects, regardless of size!

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Surplus City HVAC & Supplies offers HVAC technicians a treasure trove of opportunities to save money on essential components like HVAC pressure gauges! Just browse our inventory online to see what you’ve been missing.

Here, you can find thousands of brand-new, discounted HVAC parts without compromising on quality. Let us be your new secret to success—getting the savings you need on all of your HVAC repair parts, while ensuring reliable performance and meaningful savings for your own clients!

Find the HVAC Repair Parts You Need—Right Here

In the world of HVAC maintenance, time is of the essence. You can’t have homeowners dealing with extreme temperatures when their equipment is down. That’s why it pays to get your hands on HVAC repair parts fast. The sooner you have what you need to finish the job, the sooner you can get their heating and cooling back on track, and the sooner you can get paid.

If you’re ready to save money without compromising on quality, you can count on Surplus City!

Small business owners and HVAC technicians across the country make it a point to check with our inventory first. We understand the value of having quality parts at affordable prices. In fact, it’s our entire business model. For decades, we’ve been helping HVAC repair professionals finish their work at a fraction of the price they’d have to pay otherwise for repair parts. No matter what you’re looking for, we likely have exactly what you need on our shelves.

Why HVAC Pressure Gauges Matter

Precision is paramount with HVAC repairs, and for that, the importance of good HVAC pressure gauges can’t be overstated. There’s a lot more than meets the eye with these HVAC parts. From diagnosing issues to optimizing system performance, HVAC pressure gauges often make up the foundation for various types of heating and cooling repair and maintenance work. They need to be accurate. But not only that, you also want them to be affordable.

You can think of HVAC pressure gauges as the eyes into the heart of heating and cooling systems.

These small but critical parts measure the pressure of refrigerants within the system. This then provides technicians with essential data to assess performance and troubleshoot issues with the HVAC equipment. The HVAC pressure gauges may alert you to identify low refrigerant levels, detect blockages, or otherwise ensure optimal system efficiency.

The refrigerant needs to circulate at the right pressure in order to prevent excessive strain from wearing down the system.

In many ways, HVAC pressure gauges are a good line of defense against potential breakdowns. Not only that, having an accurate read from high-quality parts also helps reduce the frequency of repairs, since the system performance can be kept at a consistent level. This can ultimately save technicians and their clients both time and money in the long run. Everyone benefits from a well-running system!

The Difference Shopping with Surplus City

Browse our selection of HVAC pressure gauges and repair parts here on our website to see how much you can save on brand-new HVAC parts! Or give us a call toll-free at (800) 428-4339 to let us know what you need. We’re here to help you save money and get the job done right.

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