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HVAC businesses have to deal with major expenses every day. Beyond just keeping the common HVAC repair parts on hand, you also need to have high-quality heating and cooling systems at the ready for new installation projects. The costs can really add up!

The standard prices for furnaces are notoriously high, but when you know where to shop, you won’t need to strain your budget. At Surplus City, we have discounts so big that you can even give your customers some meaningful savings too!

New and Unused Furnaced—All Priced to Sell

Whether it's new residential or commercial furnaces from top-notch brands, we've got the variety you're looking for. Our industry partnerships let us buy new and unused HVAC equipment directly from today’s top manufacturers, so if you've got a particular furnace make and model in mind, check us out first. We might exactly what you need in stock.  the furnaces that will keep your customers smiling.

With a surplus of furnaces ready to go, we’re all about helping you speed up any project.

Apart from our great selection, we’re also here to help you save money! By securing furnaces at a lower cost, your company can offer more competitive prices to customers and keep them loyal. This competitive pricing can attract more clients and enhance customer satisfaction, building trust and adding to your list of referrals. Customers are more likely to return to a company that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices, and that’s what we help you deliver. The result? Long-term relationships and positive word-of-mouth to keep you growing!

We Have Goodman Furnaces for Sale

Out of all of the great furnaces on the market today, Goodman furnaces continue to stand out. We’re proud to stock a variety of Goodman furnaces at Surplus City because the brand is widely recognized for their combination of reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

You have plenty of choices, but if you’re looking for Goodman furnaces specifically, we have you covered. These systems are renowned for their durability and performance, so you can feel confident in your new installation.

Goodman furnaces are engineered to provide consistent and efficient heating solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

One key factor contributing to the popularity of Goodman furnaces is their cost-effectiveness. Goodman has successfully positioned itself as a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance. And when you shop at Surplus City, those savings are even better!

We buy Goodman furnaces at discounted rates and then share those savings with our own customers. It’s a win for everyone.

This affordability makes Goodman furnaces an attractive choice for homeowners and businesses alike. You can stock up yourself, and then help your customers save too. Everyone wants to get high-quality heating solutions without breaking the bank. We can help you out.

Trust Surplus City for Top-Notch HVAC Equipment

Being an HVAC contractor means dealing with all sorts of furnaces every week. If you or your customers are looking for a great deal on Goodman furnaces, come browse our inventory. We’re getting in new shipments all the time.

Goodman furnaces stand out in the market for their reliability, affordability, and focus on delivering effective heating solutions to a diverse range of consumers. Make us your go-to supplier and make your service and rates better than ever!

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6 Key Reasons to Stock up on Furnace Parts and Accessories


Small business owners always need to make strategic moves if they want to get ahead of the competition, and the HVAC industry is definitely tough. But you can give yourself a leg up by having the right inventory on hand and partnering with an HVAC supplier you can count on. Having a solid inventory can be your secret weapon for success, and we’re here to help!

Get Ahead of the Challenge—Stock Up on Furnace Parts!

Heating equipment can’t run without the right parts. You might be looking at a major repair with the blower motor, something technical with the control board, or just need to swap out the fan belts or igniters. No matter the situation, you need HVAC parts you can trust. You can’t keep your customers waiting, especially when the temperatures are low and the weather is rough outside.

Stock up now on all of the HVAC repair parts and furnace accessories you need for your most common jobs. There are plenty of reasons to buy in bulk from Surplus City HVAC & Supplies—or to just stock up on a few more parts.

1. Quick Repairs

When you already have the parts in your own warehouse, or right on your truck, then you don’t have to give your customers the bad news that there will be a delay in finishing their furnace repairs. Having a ready supply of repair parts lets you address furnace issues quickly, minimizing downtime with speedy solutions. Then you’re able to get on to the next job and get new funds coming in.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Timely repairs have a direct connection to boosting customer satisfaction. When you have the necessary parts on hand, your company is able to deliver more efficient and effective service everywhere around town. You’re enhancing the overall customer experience, and increasing your chances of getting positive reviews and solid referrals.

3. Emergency Situations

Furnace breakdowns can occur unexpectedly, and problems are even more frequent during extreme weather conditions. You want to make sure that your team can respond as quickly as possible and resolve those issues. Having a well-stocked inventory of repair parts means you can handle emergency situations promptly and help keep your customers comfortable during every season.

4. Avoid Delivery Delays

Waiting for ordered parts can cause delays in completing repair jobs. Stocking up on parts ensures that HVAC technicians have immediate access to what they need right away. You can reduce service delays and improve workflow efficiency when you already have those repair parts on your shelves.

5. Flexibility in Repairs

Different furnace models and brands may require specific components. Having a diverse range of repair parts in stock provides flexibility. You might have common parts that you’re always reaching for, but why not cover your bases and stock up on some of those harder to find parts in advance? Then you can empower your technicians to address a variety of repair needs without waiting for specific parts to arrive.

Ready to Boost Your Company’s Reputation?

A reputation for reliability and quick response times will have positive impacts on your business every time. That’s why it’s better to stock up. When you have a solid supply of HVAC repair parts, you can continue to build a reputation for being dependable and capable of handling all types of repair scenarios, especially in the tough winter season.

You can count on Surplus City to have a wide range of both common and hard to find furnace repair parts to keep your inventory stocked. It’s a good practice to load up. You’ll be in a better position to offer quick, efficient, and customer-friendly services. It's all about keeping things running smoothly and making sure customers are happy. Every bit adds up to success for your business. Our great prices and selection can help!

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HVAC Valve Parts for Sale—Check Surplus City First


Heating and cooling systems require valve parts for different functions. Whether it’s controlling the flow of refrigerant, water, or air, an HVAC valve is a critical component of keeping the equipment running consistently and efficiently. Your HVAC system just can’t run without them. So if you’re looking for heating and cooling valves that need replaced, check our inventory at Surplus City first. We can help you save!

Affordable HVAC Valves for Sale Right Here

At Surplus City HVAC & Supplies, we stock new HVAC valve parts from the top manufacturers to help make your repair work easier than ever—because now you have a one-stop shop. We have valves that are used in all types of HVAC applications. From air conditioning units, heat pumps, boilers, and more, we likely have exactly what you need on our warehouse shelves right now. And we’re getting in new shipments all the time.

·      Gas Valves

·      Ball Valves

·      Pressure Valves

·      Refrigeration Valves

·      Zone Valves

·      Balance Valves

·      Butterfly Valves

·      Check Valves, and more!

Start browsing our inventory and you’ll see that we offer great pricing on all of our HVAC parts. We buy directly from the manufacturers, and we sell new and unused products. That way, you can feel confident that you’re getting a great deal for the money!

Time to Replace Your HVAC Valve Parts?

Being able to get your hands on affordable HVAC valve parts doesn’t just give you cost savings. You’re also helping to protect the longevity of your heating and cooling equipment and achieve top efficiency for your system. If it’s time to replace your HVAC valve parts, then you’ve come to the right place.

The frequency of valve replacement in HVAC systems can vary depending on several factors, including the type of valve, the operating conditions, and the level of maintenance the system has been receiving. Generally, though, HVAC valves are considered durable components, and with proper installation and maintenance, they can have a long lifespan. You just have to know what to watch.

For example, solenoid valves are electronically operated, which means they’re often more complex. They may have a higher likelihood of failure over time. But regular maintenance can help lower those risks.

There’s also the question of the system’s age. In older HVAC systems, the valves may be more prone to wear and deterioration due to years of use. And this only gets heightened if their maintenance routine has been lacking. As systems age, there will naturally be a higher likelihood of needing to replace the valves, as well as other components.

Save More When Your Shop Surplus City

When you’re working to replace HVAC valves, you should feel good knowing that you’re using parts that are meant to last. Swapping out older valves with newer, more advanced models can easily improve the system’s efficiency and performance.

Along the way, make sure you don’t overpay. By choosing Surplus City HVAC & Supplies, you can access reliable HVAC parts at a fraction of the price. And with lower upfront costs, you can put more of your budget toward other crucial projects without compromising the quality of your repairs. Let our selection of HVAC valves at Surplus City help you save more and get the job done right!

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When homeowners are looking to lower their energy bills and optimize their heating and cooling system performance, you really can’t go wrong with packaged heat pumps! The equipment is a popular choice for property owners and HVAC technicians alike. They come with a streamlined installation process, and when you know where to look, you can get big discounts on new, cost-effective packaged heat pumps that can fit your projects every time!

Affordable, Brand-Name Packaged Heat Pumps

While they won’t be suitable for every setup, packaged heat pumps can be fantastic solutions for homeowners seeking year-round comfort without breaking the bank. Their high efficiency ratings can help reduce energy expenses. But before you get them up and running, you need to be sure you’re getting a good price on the system itself. That’s how Surplus City can help.

Surplus City doesn't just cater to homeowners. We’re also the perfect match for HVAC contractors and technicians looking to provide their customers with great deals.

Our company takes pride in being your trusted partner for all makes and models of affordable, high-quality packaged heat pumps. Shop our inventory, and you’ll find systems that are both brand-name and brand-new! Even better, our warehouses are consistently stocked with all ready-to-ship options, ensuring that you can get your hands on the system you need ASAP.

Convenient Shipping for Any Location

In the fast-paced world of heating and cooling and indoor comfort, we know that time is of the essence. You can’t afford to keep your customers waiting to get a new system installed or their existing equipment repaired. That’s why we’re the go-to resource for HVAC technicians who want to limit their downtime and get their projects wrapped up quickly.

Before you go with local suppliers and inflated prices, check Surplus City's inventory first. We’ll ship your order fast, and you’ll get big savings along the way!

No matter where you are located, Surplus City makes it easy for you to access our inventory of packaged heat pumps. We’re based in central Indiana, as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and these strategic locations allow us to coordinate convenient shipping, ensuring that your orders reach you without unnecessary delays.

Savings You Can Count On

At Surplus City, our mission is to offer meaningful savings to our customers, and we’re able to do that because we’ve had years in the business. Since 1975, we’ve built relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers. We’re able to secure major discounts on inventory because we source directly from the manufacturer. Then we pass those savings onto you.

With decades of experience in the industry, we have cultivated significant buying power on packaged heat pumps from all of today’s best HVAC manufacturers.

Our commitment to affordability extends beyond the initial purchase, though. We’re here to help you lock in a great rate on shipping too. All of this works together to bring you long-term cost savings for your bottom line. Plus, you can share those savings with your own customers. Shopping with Surplus City is a win for everyone. Let us help you save!

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Propane Furnace Repairs: 5 Key Parts That Can Wear Out


When the colder months arrive, we all want to ensure that we’re keeping warm indoors. For that, being aware of how well your heating equipment is running is critical. If you have a propane furnace, there are a few repair parts that you may need during the season.

Over time, certain components within the furnace can be prone to wear and tear and need replacement. You can help avoid the extra headache of a major repair by understanding the risks in advance. Then you can replace the parts before they break down and keep your propane furnace in good working order all throughout the year!

5 Propane Furnace Parts to Replace

While propane furnaces are reliable heating systems, there are several components that can wear down over time. So like any piece of HVAC equipment, regular maintenance, periodic inspections, and timely replacement of worn-out parts will be crucial to ensure the longevity and efficiency of any propane furnace. Here are some of the top parts to watch.

1. Propane Regulators

The propane regulator controls the flow of propane from the gas supply to the furnace. Given enough time, though, the exposure to varying temperatures and environmental conditions can lead to damage. You might notice fluctuations in propane pressure, which impact the furnace's efficiency and performance. That’s why regular inspections and a potential replacement can be so important. You need a steady and consistent propane supply, and propane regulators are what get it done.

2. Flame Sensors

The flame sensor plays a vital role in propane furnaces because it’s what detects the presence of a flame during the combustion process. The flame sensor can wear out because of dirt or debris or corrosion. But no matter the reason, the wear and tear will affect its ability to accurately sense the flame.

A malfunctioning flame sensor may lead to issues such as the furnace not igniting, frequent cycling, or even shutting off unexpectedly. Sometimes, you can simply clean the sensor to remove any buildup. However, if the sensor is damaged or heavily corroded, it might require a full flame sensor replacement.

3. Propane Burners

The propane burner is where the fuel mixes with air and ignites to produce heat. Continuous exposure to high temperatures and combustion byproducts can cause wear on the burner components. As a result, the burner may experience uneven flames, incomplete combustion, or even failure to ignite. Regular cleaning and inspection can help address burner issues. But if it’s too far gone, then you may need a propane burner replacement to ensure you’re getting the best system performance.

4. Propane Gas Valves

The propane gas valve regulates the flow of propane to the burners. From year to year, the valve may end up developing leaks or other issues. This can impact the control of fuel delivery, meaning a repair might be in order. Prompt replacement of a malfunctioning gas valve is essential for safety and efficient furnace operation. Don’t let this issue catch you off guard.

5. Pressure Regulators

The pressure regulator in a propane furnace maintains the appropriate gas pressure for combustion. As with the other propane furnace parts, continuous use and exposure to environmental factors can lead to wear on the regulator. A malfunctioning pressure regulator may cause fluctuations in gas pressure, leading to ignition problems or inefficient heating. If you’re experiencing any of those problems, it might be time for a replacement!

Time to Replace Your Furnace Parts? We Can Help!

Furnace repairs can definitely become a financial burden. But with the furnace repair parts at Surplus City HVAC & Supplies, you can keep those expenses low. With our rock-bottom prices, we’ll help you get the job done at a fraction of the cost—and still with brand-name and brand-new HVAC parts.

Our extensive inventory includes all of the most common propane furnace repair parts, as well as brand-new HVAC equipment of all sizes. We carry parts and equipment from all of today’s top HVAC manufacturers too, so it’s easy to stick with your favorite brand. Let us be your cost-effective solution for propane furnace repair parts. Start shopping our inventory today!

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Need to Find HVAC Parts for Older Equipment? Look Right Here!


If your heating and cooling equipment needs a repair, then you’ve come to the right spot! Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is the go-to destination for individuals and HVAC businesses looking for brand-new parts for both newer and older, legacy HVAC equipment. Because why replace when you can repair?

With our extensive and diverse inventory, you can maintain and repair all types of HVAC systems that may no longer have readily available components in the market. Let us help you get the job done right and keep your equipment running!

Check Out This HVAC Equipment Inventory

We know that navigating the world of HVAC parts can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with older systems. But what sets Surplus City apart is our commitment to offering a comprehensive selection of brand-new HVAC parts—even for older systems.

Here, customers can browse through a variety of components, from compressors and motors to control boards and thermostats. You can think of Surplus City as a one-stop shop for all your HVAC repair needs. It’s that easy.

The fact that we offer brand-new, not used HVAC parts makes us even more appealing for both homeowners and technicians alike. When quality counts, you can count on us. Having new HVAC parts is crucial for the longevity and performance of any heating and cooling system. With us, you can trust that you’re investing in parts that are free from wear and tear, which means you’re really maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

We Carry Older, Hard-to-Find HVAC Parts

Our mission isn’t just to give you low prices. We’re also here to help eliminate the hassle of searching for specific parts across multiple suppliers. Stop wasting your time checking multiple websites. We likely have exactly what you need on our warehouse shelves.

In addition to the time savings, another key advantage of choosing Surplus City is the assurance that all items in their inventory are in-stock and ready to ship. This eliminates the frustrating delays often associated with sourcing older HVAC parts. We understand the urgency of HVAC repairs, which is why we help you get the most affordable and efficient shipping possible from our two locations. If you’re local to the Indianapolis or Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can even swing by and pick up your order yourself!

Start and End Your Search—Right Here

At Surplus City, we’re proud to offer competitive pricing that can’t be beat. Let us take some of the stress off your plate. Check our brand-new inventory of HVAC parts for older heating and cooling equipment and get your repairs done the best way possible.

Our commitment to both quality and affordability make us the ideal choice for both individuals and businesses looking to manage their HVAC repair budgets effectively. Start shopping our unparalleled selection—sourced directly from the manufacturer—and continue to keep us as your first choice for all of your HVAC components. We’ll be happy to get you the parts you need. Then you can keep all years of HVAC equipment running at peak performance.

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