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The maintenance required for different HVAC equipment changes all throughout the year, depending on the season. The shifting temperatures, humidity levels, and how often the equipment is in use all impact the need for repairs and system tune-ups. That’s why it pays to be prepared.

HVAC technicians can set themselves up for success by having a variety of HVAC replacement parts already on-hand. That way, they’ll be ready to make all types of repairs, whenever their customers need them. Adjust your maintenance tasks—and your inventory of repair parts inventory—on a seasonal basis, and you’ll be able to keep your customers’ equipment running smoothly year-round.

HVAC Maintenance Throughout the Year

Regular HVAC maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of the equipment, ensures energy efficiency, and prevents costly breakdowns. Here’s what matters most from season to season. Do you have these common replacement parts ready to go?


The transitional period from cold temperatures to warmer weather is a good time for property owners to schedule routine maintenance. That way, they’ll get a jump before their cooling equipment has to deal with the heavy workload of summer.

To get ready for the spring season, homeowners will typically want to check and clean the air filters, as well as inspect their outdoor units for debris or damage. However, some other tasks they’ll need to leave to the experts. It’s one thing to swap out air filters and thermostat batteries. But this is also a common time to replace capacitors. Just as one example, these components can weaken over time, and certainly after winter. Spring is a good time to inspect and replace HVAC capacitors. Then you can help ensure that their equipment will run properly as the days continue to warm up!


HVAC systems work harder during summer months to keep indoor spaces cool, so it's important to make everything is functioning optimally and complete repairs quickly to keep your customers comfortable. Cleaning condenser coils and checking refrigerant levels are easy ways to ensure efficient cooling performance. But this is also the time of year when the condenser fan motor may experience more wear and tear. Replacing a worn-out motor can be a smart call. You don’t necessarily want to wait for a total breakdown to swap out old HVAC parts, especially with hot weather in the forecast.

Frequent cycling during the summer can also cause the contactor in the outdoor unit to wear out faster. Replacing a faulty contactor can prevent compressor failure. It’s just another way to prevent system downtime.


The autumn months can be another transitional period. The best time to prepare an HVAC system for the heating season is just as the weather starts to cool, not when there’s already snow on the ground!

Maintenance tasks for fall might include cleaning vents and ducts to remove debris that’s built up. You can also inspect and clean burners or heat exchangers in heating systems. For more serious concerns with the heating systems, though, fall is a good time to inspect and replace the igniter or pilot light. The system needs a reliable ignition when starting up, and new parts might be the key.

Another option could be to inspect or potentially replace the blower motor belt. That way, you can help make sure that the blower will stay efficient through the entire heating season.


Once we’re in the throes of winter weather, it’s important to remind homeowners to pay attention to any signs of malfunction. This could be strange odors, a system that’s struggling to maintain its heating functions, or even unusual sounds.

There might end up being issues with a flame sensor. Or you could be looking at cracks or damage to the heat exchanger. The same maintenance issues from fall will still apply in winter too. The heating equipment will be working hard, and you’ll need to make those repairs as quickly as possible. Swapping out any worn-out or malfunctioning parts before they cause significant issues can definitely help prolong the lifespan of the equipment and keep other problems from popping up.

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