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Why You’re Okay to Buy HVAC Equipment Without Warranties


Every homeowner wants to make sure their major appliances have the longest lifespan possible. When it comes to finding the right HVAC equipment, though, people often have a lot of questions about the different types of warranties. What do HVAC warranties actually cover? And when might getting a warranty be totally unnecessary? The more you know, the easier it is to see that, in the grand scheme of things, warranties aren’t really worth the extra costs. 


Repair Costs vs Warranty Costs

Whether you’re looking to find affordable HVAC equipment for yourself or you need to source the right systems for your business and clients, you might be hearing a lot of conflicting opinions about warranties. That’s why it helps to focus on the facts.

If you’re able to source your equipment for cheaper by getting a non-warranty unit, then those savings are usually significant. They can even work to offset any potential warranty repairs down the line. Because say you were to have an issue come up—if you got a great deal at the start, you could still be ahead of the price of a new unit even after you pay for the fix. Locking in your savings right at the start can have benefits throughout the lifespan of your system.


The Problems with HVAC Warranties

Most warranties are not worth the extra cost because the repairs themselves normally costs less than the warranty. All you need to do is run the numbers. Another problem with factory warranties is that they don’t cover shipping costs or labor. Those are always going to be your bigger output, even with a warranty.

There’s also the fact that people rarely have issues within the standard warranty period when their system had a licensed installer do the installation. Most of the trouble happens when the general wear and tear and age of a unit come into play—or when an outside force is involved, such as a power surge or damage from weather. In those cases, it doesn’t matter whether you have a warranty or not.

All HVAC manufacturers have high quality standards, and that gives them confidence to insure their products in strategic ways. They can essentially double the price for every unit, knowing that less than 3% of them will have issues. Why not benefit from those quality standards yourself? With today’s technology advancements, a warranty can be largely unnecessary.


Find What You Need with Surplus City!

When it’s time to install new residential HVAC equipment, you obviously want it to be reliable. But that doesn’t mean you need to narrow your options to only the systems that come with warranties. You’ll usually be better off when you can keep more money in your pocket.

So what do you need—a furnace that comes with a warranty or one that doesn’t? At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that the warranty alone isn’t a guarantee for getting a good deal. The only surefire way to know for sure that you’re saving money is to save that money upfront, with a more affordable system.

Buying equipment without a warranty is often way more cost efficient. That’s why we’re happy to stock and sell new and brand-name HVAC equipment without warranties. Because we’re able to save on that inventory, we can help our customers save too! With Surplus City as your one-stop shop, you’ll really be able to watch your budget and protect your bottom-line.