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The Convenience of Shipping—and You Still Save


The costs for quality HVAC equipment have always been high. After all, the systems themselves are complicated and they need to last. But even though the efficiency ratings keep improving, buying a new air conditioner, furnace, or other piece of HVAC equipment is still a major investment for homeowners.

To make matters worse, it’s been hard for HVAC companies to navigate the tight supply chain and still keep their rates affordable. Rather than eat those costs for expensive equipment, just turn to Surplus City!

Why Shipments Just Make More Sense

Surplus City Liquidators is known for providing new, brand-name HVAC equipment and HVAC replacement parts to customers all across the country. We’re the go-to supplier for small business owners, property managers, and contractors. More specifically, we help them lock down great savings. Because no matter where you are, we can get your orders shipped quickly and affordably.

You don’t need to spend time hunting through multiple websites or calling around town for the parts and equipment you need. Look at the Surplus City inventory first. With our massive inventory, you’re usually able to find the exact piece of equipment or repair part for the job. Just put together your order online, and then we’ll have it shipped direct to you. It’s easier than doing the pickup yourself—unless you’re here in Central Indiana—because you’ll be saving time and keeping your schedule open.

Check the Numbers, You’re Getting Great Savings

The difference with us is our huge buying power. Because we’re able to get better prices upfront, we can help our customers save too. We’re committed to making sure that our HVAC equipment is truly affordable across the board. And by shopping with us, you can share those savings with your own clients!

We’re constantly hearing positive feedback from our customers. In fact, they often say that shopping with us has been the single best decision they’ve made for their business. Even with the cost of shipping, they can be saving thousands of dollars.

Affordability Helps You Get Ahead of the Competition

The rock-bottom prices you find with Surplus City can give you the flexibility you need to adjust your own prices. You can’t grow your business without securing new clients. And one of the best ways to do that is to offer fair pricing. That being said, your company shouldn’t have to take a serious hit in order to help out your clients.

You obviously need to be providing great service, expertise, and deals to your clients. But along the way, you also need to boost your earnings. Don’t let expensive equipment chip away at your profits. Instead of reducing your own rates for labor, you need a way to lower your costs for the equipment itself. Then you can start looking at how to lower your quotes to keep the business—and earn their referrals.

Keep Your Projects On-Track with Surplus City

Of course it’s great to be able to swing by our warehouses in-person. No matter where you’re located, though, it’s still easy and affordable to place an order with us.

Find what you need on the Surplus City website, and then we’ll get your items out the door fast. Even with the cost of shipping, the savings you get can help protect your company’s bottom-line for the long-run. Get an edge on the competition. Check with Surplus City first and get the best deals!