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Repair the HVAC Equipment First—with Affordable Parts


Just because your client’s HVAC equipment isn’t working, that doesn’t mean they need to go all-in and make the investment for a new system. Every good HVAC technician will want to consider all of the repair options first.

Before You Replace, Consider the Repairs

No two projects are the same. That’s why you want to think critically and keep the best interests of your clients in mind. There are some solutions that might be more effective than others, both in terms of cost and how long they can realistically last. You don’t necessarily want to make a complicated repair on equipment that’s already on the way out.

Whenever the repair makes sense, though, then the next question is whether you’ll be able to source the right parts. For a lot of small business owners in the HVAC industry, navigating the supply chain has only gotten more difficult in recent years. But when you have a reliable supplier, then everyone wins.

You can get what you need quickly, so then you can make the repairs in good time. Your clients are happy because the work is done fast, and that means you’ll be able to send your invoices sooner too.

Surplus City is proud to stock new, brand-name, and legacy HVAC replacement parts. Even better—we make sure our prices are actually fair and affordable. Check with our inventory first and compare the numbers. The majority of our customers say they can’t find better prices for their repair parts anywhere else.

Saving Money on HVAC Parts—and Time

All too often, HVAC technicians find themselves wasting time calling around for repair parts. Then the day can slip away because looking for that “missing piece” took too long. This pushes the project back, adds delays to the rest of your week, and might even cause you to miss out on new work.

The quicker you can make the repairs, the easier it is to pick up new clients and continue growing your business. But you also need to cut back on your costs along the way. Then you start to give your customers better savings, all while keeping money in your own pocket too.

You Don’t Need to Shop Anywhere Else

Surplus City Liquidators has been expanding our buying power for decades. That growth has put us in a unique position to continue lowering our prices for HVAC repair parts. People all over the country trust us to help them save. When you need to make repairs or you’re just running through regular maintenance for your clients’ HVAC equipment, check with our inventory first to get truly affordable parts!

We keep our warehouses stocked with both residential and commercial equipment. What’s more, our team routinely works with both HVAC technicians, as well as their company admins and office staff. So whether you’re still learning about HVAC equipment, or you know exactly what you need, we’d be happy to talk.

Customer service is at the core of our business. That’s why our customers stay with us. They know we’re going to work fast to get their orders togethers and that our knowledgeable team can help advise them on different repair parts. And of course—we’ve got rock-bottom prices! Call us at (800) 428-4339 and we’ll help review all of your options that can help finish the job and get your HVAC equipment repairs done right.