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Surplus City for Affordable Trane HVAC Equipment


Whether your company has been loyal to Trane for decades, or you’re simply getting new customers who already have Trane equipment installed, Surplus City HVAC & Supplies can help you get your hands on the Trane HVAC repair parts and equipment you need to get the job done quickly—and correctly.

The One-Stop Shop for HVAC Technicians

Not only do HVAC technicians need to source Trane equipment that’s reliable, you also need to pay attention to affordability. This isn’t just for your own benefit as a small business owner. Being able to save money on your heating and cooling equipment upfront allows you to provide better savings for your own customers too. Knowing where to shop to get a good deal is a win-win for everyone.

Our inventory at Surplus City HVAC & Supplies includes equipment from all of today’s leading HVAC manufacturers, including Trane. We’re proud to carry brand-new systems, and more importantly, we love being able to help small business owners save money on their orders. Once you get a look at our discounts, it’s easy to see why HVAC companies want to browse our inventory before shopping anywhere else.

Discounted Trane Equipment and Repair Parts

Since every HVAC manufacturer has their own unique production methods, it’s important to have access to both Trane parts as well as other brands. If you already have a good supply of Trane equipment, then you can be one step ahead of the game for your customers. But when you’re faced with a challenge because you don’t have a specific part for the repair, our vast selection of inventory can help. We keep our warehouses loaded with both Trane parts and brand-new Trane heating and cooling equipment to help you get both repair jobs and new installation projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

At Surplus City, we’re all about providing discounts to our customers. That includes Trane equipment. Because the HVAC industry is constantly evolving with more energy-efficient models, it can be difficult to rely on generic HVAC repair parts across brands. Manufacturers are getting more specialized, and like other brands, Trane is putting out their own unique parts.

Whenever you’re looking for Trane-branded parts in particular or even repair parts for another lesser-known manufacturer, we’re here to help! We’re constantly receiving new inventory into our warehouses; and we make our purchases in bulk, directly from the manufacturer. That massive buying gets us big savings right out of the gate. Since we’re able to save, we pass those savings on Trane equipment on to you.

Find Out How Much You Can Save!

At Surplus City, we’re always looking to give small business owners an edge. The competition in this industry can be fierce, and we know that smaller HVAC companies need a way to save on their upfront costs. There’s no reason to overpay, and that’s why we don’t mark our prices up to extreme degrees. Browse our inventory first, then start running the numbers. Our low prices can help you stock up on all of the Trane equipment you need.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is based out of central Indiana, and we have customers located all across the country. If you’re local, come swing by our warehouses. Or just place your order online and we’ll get it shipped out fast, no matter where you’re located!