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Like furnaces and heat pumps, boilers work to help maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Yet boiler equipment isn’t always as easy to find as other heating systems. That’s why HVAC companies across the country turn to Surplus City HVAC & Supplies. We have the boilers you need—and everything is priced right to help protect your bottom line!

Efficient Furnaces and Boilers for Sale

When your customers use boilers for their heating, they obviously want equipment that’s both reliable and affordable. By shopping with Surplus City, you can help them get exactly what they need, without dipping into your own profits. We have new, brand-name boilers in stock, and we’re receiving new shipments from the leading HVAC manufacturers all the time.

Whether you need gas-fired boilers or new oil-fired boilers, check the Surplus City inventory first!

Sometimes the solution for a repair will be as simple as adjusting the boiler controls to provide the right amount of water for the equipment. Other times, you’ll need to order boiler repair parts or even a new system altogether. We make it easy to find energy-efficient boilers.

As your one-stop shop, we help everyone working on the project save time and money.

Need Retrofit Boilers? Or Boiler Repair Parts?

Many homeowners aren’t familiar with how boilers actually function. And while they don’t necessarily need a detailed explanation about the equipment on an intricate level, it’s still important for HVAC technicians to convey the basic functions to help build trust. Being able to explain how the different boiler parts work makes it easier to move forward with your repairs and new boiler installations.

A combustion-efficiency test can help determine whether it’s time to shop for boiler repair parts or brand-new equipment.

Honest communication is a crucial part of any successful business. For these types of projects, the essential information is that boilers turn water into steam and that most boilers operate on a closed loop system. There’s already water inside of the boiler, which means they don’t need to continually use new water. The boiler just heats the water by a combustion chamber. The steam can then be used with a radiant heat system, or even to heat the plumbing pipes within the walls. Boilers can be extremely efficient systems for heating a building. But older systems can be made even better with a few upgrades.

Retrofitting boilers is a great way to increase the system efficiency and heat the building more affordably.

In order to retrofit boilers, the existing equipment should still be in reasonably good condition. Even then, the costs associated with boiler retrofits may not always make sense for the long run. Taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of a boiler retrofit vs a new boiler system helps ensure that you’re providing customers with the best possible solution.

When You Shop with Surplus City, Everyone Saves!

Buying directly from the manufacturer usually means you’ll get stuck with outrageous prices. Since we buy our HVAC equipment in bulk, we’re able to secure great discounts. Then we pass those savings onto our customers.

From gas-fired boilers and oil boilers, to new HVAC equipment and repair parts for the most popular equipment, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for—our team is here to help: (765) 482-7000.