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Commercial HVAC Equipment—Save with Surplus


As an HVAC contractor, securing commercial projects can be a meaningful way to boost business. The major HVAC equipment you need for commercial sites needs to be both reliable and affordable. But if you’re stuck buying expensive equipment for the job, your company won’t be able to protect your margins.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies is the solution. We have commercial HVAC equipment that’s priced right for you—as well as your customers who are managing large facilities. When you can save on the upfront costs, it’s a win for everyone!

Surplus Savings on Commercial HVAC Equipment

All across the country, HVAC equipment costs have only continued to rise. It doesn’t usually make sense to stick with a local supplier when the competition for that inventory is fierce. There might be larger HVAC companies in the area swiping up the inventory. And even if the prices are high, those larger companies might be willing to pay the high costs because they have a different type of business model.

When you want to treat your customers right, though, marking up the cost of your commercial HVAC equipment to an extreme degree isn’t the best course of action. We have plenty of smaller business owners who specifically shop with us because they know they can get a better deal and be fair in their level of service across the board.

It’s all about protecting your bottom line without taking advantage of your customer’s own budget. Sourcing brand-name, new commercial HVAC equipment that’s actually affordable helps make your company more competitive by lowering expenses.

Buying surplus inventory from the leading HVAC manufacturers is a great way for small businesses owners to get an edge in the market. That’s why they come to Surplus City. You get the commercial HVAC equipment you need, without the ridiculously high price tag.

Pick Up and Shipping Options Makes Getting Your Order Easy

Our convenient location outside of Indianapolis is a great central hub for orders all throughout the Midwest and beyond. What’s more, our customers also have the option for local pickup. Even if you aren’t based in the Indianapolis area, you can get additional savings by loading up your own trailers.

That being said, many of our customers find that even with the shipping fees, they still end up with significant savings. They’re keeping their own costs low, which means they can pass those savings along to their customers and stay more competitive in the market with better quotes.

Place Your Order Today—with Surplus City!

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies has employees that are always happy to speak with your HVAC technicians to identify what they need. To learn more about what we currently have in stock, just browse our website! Or give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We’d love to help you save!