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Stock Up Before the Seasons Change!


Whether it’s spring moving into summer or the autumn days gradually cooling down for winter, good HVAC companies always need to think ahead. Helping your customers schedule routine maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that their heating and cooling systems will last longer. Yet that doesn’t change the fact that no piece of equipment can last forever.

Companies that already have the right inventory on-hand are in a better position to keep their customers happy and comfortable all throughout the year. Don’t keep them waiting. It’s easy to get the installation scheduled right away when you have the equipment needed.

Affordable Inventory for a Better Investment

From energy-efficient heat pumps to reliable, brand-name air conditioning solutions, Surplus City has you covered. Every region in the country has its own type of climate. When you know what your customers rely on most, it can make a lot of sense to stock up on the right HVAC equipment in advance.

Unfortunately, for so many small businesses, keeping a supply of their most popular equipment hasn’t always been easy. High prices might be causing you to make your purchases one at a time. But with fair pricing, it can be more strategic to buy in bulk.

The HVAC Equipment Your Company Needs—Priced Right

Imagine saving 50% or more on the HVAC equipment you need year-round. It suddenly becomes more realistic to hold onto those heating and cooling systems in your own warehouses, ready for a quick installation. Minimal downtime for your customers is just better business. You get to wrap the projects up faster, which means you’ll get your invoices out and paid faster.

Even better, working with a quick turnaround time can give you a great edge for securing new referrals. And being able to help your customers save on those equipment costs is often the deciding factor for them to choose your company in the first place.

Shop with Surplus City to Get Ahead of the Game

We’ve heard of customers in the Midwest who get calls for furnace repairs early in the week, just to have service needs for cooling systems a few days later. The weather can be that unpredictable! It helps to get ahead of the game and stock up on quality HVAC equipment whether you’re heading into a new season or just dealing with dramatic temperature changes.

Surplus City HVAC & Supplies has loyal customers who are based around the world. They repeatedly tell us that the savings they find with us are just too good to pass up. That’s why they’re eager to build their inventory in advance. Making the investment now helps them stay on the ball—especially before the harsher weather hits.

It’s all about planning in advance. If you have a specific HVAC manufacturer or models that your customers like most, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 428-4339 to learn about whether we have that equipment in stock. We’re receiving new orders into our warehouses all the time, and we’d love to help your technicians get in the best position possible. We want you to be able to act fast for new equipment installation projects—with rock-bottom prices that will help your company get ahead!