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Good HVAC contractors are always looking for ways to help their customers save on their heating and cooling solutions. That means sourcing the best, energy-efficient equipment that also comes with a great price.

Today’s technology with mini-split systems can definitely help with some long-term savings. That being said, the upfront equipment costs aren’t always budget-friendly. But when you know where to source your HVAC equipment, giving your customers a great deal on their new mini-split becomes easier than ever. You won’t need to cut into your own profits just to keep your quote competitive. Shopping with Surplus City makes it more affordable to get everything you need for a smart solution!

Energy-Efficient Mini-Splits from Surplus City

One of the best things about ductless mini-splits is that they’re scalable. If the heating and cooling process has trouble in only one room in the house, a mini-split is a great way to quickly correct the problem without a significant jump in energy costs.

In a lot of cases, it’s great to have central heating and cooling. But when you only need to address a smaller area, a mini-split is usually the way to go.

Mini-splits can easily be 25 to 35 percent more efficient than other HVAC setups. As one example, homeowners won’t need to crank up their heating or cooling in an attempt to correct the temperature in an isolated space. Because indoor mini-splits are mounted right in that “problem spot,” they’re typically used to supplement existing heating and cooling equipment. Then each individual indoor unit can then take care of its own “zone.”

Once an HVAC company and their customer decide to go with a mini-split solution, the next step is to make sure they’re installing a system that will be the right size for the job.

At Surplus City, we stock a variety of indoor heat pumps and mini-split air conditioning units.

Just browse our inventory and find the BTU capacity that will help your customers get a truly energy-efficient solution. The mini-splits from the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers will regularly have a 20+ SEER rating for their cooling efficiency, as well as a 10+ HSPF rating on the heating efficiency. It’s a win-win all around, especially when you’re buying from Surplus City!

Affordable Indoor Heat Pump and Indoor A/C Options

Installing or repairing a central HVAC system isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. Fortunately, ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps are both reliable and affordable. Plus, you can get even more savings when you get your equipment from a surplus HVAC supplier.

We source ductless mini-split systems directly from the manufacturer. And because we buy in bulk, we’re able to get big discounts and pass them onto our customers.

Our business model is designed to help everyone save money. Unlike many local HVAC suppliers, we have plenty of inventory spread throughout multiple warehouses. We’re always looking to give our customers rock-bottom prices.

Shop with Surplus City—See How Much You Can Save!

We understand the struggles that smaller HVAC companies can experience with their equipment costs. When you’re competing with larger companies in your area, you need a way to get an edge. It’s just better business to find ways to save on your upfront costs. That’s how we can help!

If you have any questions about the ductless mini-splits we currently have in stock, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 428-4339. We’re bringing in new inventory all the time and we’re committed to helping our customers get exactly what they need.